Reducing staffing pressure exceeds Healthtech’s investment standards — LSX panel

From left to right: Rachel Ford Hatman (Ford Hatman Media / Moderator), Rana Ronen (dRx Capital, Novartis), Michael Nidam (Camet Ventures), Steve Toll (HLM Venture Partners), Asaph Balnea (Sana Ra Ventures)

A speaker at the LSX World Congress 2022 “Battle for Healthtech Investment Opportunities After a Pandemic” panel said reducing staffing pressure is the top investment standard for healthtech innovation.

Panelists unanimously agree that healthcare should see great opportunities for technology to address staffing issues, global issues, and digital technology to address and address issues in the most productive ways. Did. Panelists added that diagnostics and remote monitoring will eventually become the gold standard.

For Christoph Kausch, managing partner of Pan-European Healthtech Capital Investor MTIP, other key trends that health technology needs to address are orthodontic and preventative care, decentralized care, personalization, and value-based care. It is a model. “Having technology driven by digital solutions to address these points is clearly the beat of the market,” he said, using specific industries such as AI to collect evidence and analyze and understand data. Added the importance of using.

Kausch, general partner of Massachusetts-based venture capital firm HLM Venture Partners, and co-panelist Steve Tolle have agreed that there are opportunities for digital mental and behavioral health. They described it as a huge market that has been in increasing demand for several years and is doubling every year.

The panel continued to discuss what investors are looking for in today’s health tech companies. Surprisingly, the speaker revealed that the majority of companies reaching out to investors are not doing due diligence.

When asked what advice to give to companies seeking investment during this time, Tolle said, “It’s always very important to be able to actually show driving outcomes and driving cost savings. “.

Kaush added: “From the perspective of companies preparing to seek investment, I really want to look at the medical evidence to make sure that the business model lays the foundation for economics.”

Rana Lonnen, managing director of Novartis-backed fund dRx Capital, added that the market is “very crowded” and investors want a quick understanding of what the company is working on. rice field.

Assaf Barnea Speaker, CEO of Healthcare Investment Platform Sanara Ventures, further emphasized the importance of embracing and giving opportunities to new areas / technologies that are currently converging, such as games for health and cyber. “we [investors] It should be there to make these technologies work and disrupt the market, “he said.

Release date: May 11, 2022

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Reducing staffing pressure exceeds Healthtech’s investment standards — LSX panel

Source link Reducing staffing pressure exceeds Healthtech’s investment standards — LSX panel

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