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There’s a lot to talk about sustainability and regenerative agriculture in the food industry, but if you want to know what these big topics really are and how you can really get involved, The Culpeper can help.Hosted by the Culpeper Family (the group that owns The Duke of Cambridge, The Green, The Culpeper, and The Buxton) working to improve sustainability practices. Regenerative Agriculture-ConversationThe two-day lecture, Q & A session, and dinner centered around regenerative agriculture held at The Culpeper and The Duke of Cambridge.

Producers, farmers, suppliers and chefs advocating for the rebirth movement, including those like Glen Burrows, the founder of The Ethical Butcher. Zero Carbon Farm and Growing Underground Richard Ballard; Henry Astor at Blue Earn Farm; Max Ladle, Regenerated Shepherd, Head of Grain Abias Penn, Oscar Harding at Duchess Farm. Tuttwine; and Natoora talk on the panel. You can try out Cornwall Project founder and CullYaw pioneer Matt Chatfield cooking a special CullYaw dinner at The Culpeper and Tim Spedding (who opened The Clove Club) cooking dinner at The Duke of Cambridge. A part of the food produced by the farming method.

Talk tickets start with 5 people and can be exchanged for drinks. Dinner is £ 45 and can be booked now.

January 20th (Thursday) and 21st (Friday), 2022
The Culpeper, 40 Commercial St, London, E1 6LP
Duke of Cambridge, 30 St. Peter’s Street, London, N1 8JT

Regenerative agriculture | Eat and drink

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