RegTech Cube forms partnership with Sionic

Financial reg tech pioneer CUBE has announced a new partnership with global consulting firm Sionic.

This collaboration aims to accelerate regulatory compliance by combining CUBE’s AI-powered regulatory data inventory with Sionic’s applied expertise in global financial compliance.

Financial institutions around the world manage multiple complex regulatory changes, all affecting different business areas and geographic regions. Some aspects are now automated, but many remain manual, time consuming, and error prone. Even automated elements are very complex and send users a myriad of alerts. The user needs to identify what is relevant to the user.

The combination of CUBE and Sionic places clients with the latest regulatory obligations associated with their business, eliminating the inefficiency of false positives that are categorized and mapped to relevant operational controls.
Ben Richmond, Founder and CEO of CUBE, said: “The partnership with Sionic is an important step in CUBE’s journey to transform regulatory data into regulatory intelligence. Our inventory is built on 10 years of experience and expertise in working with regulatory data. Combined with Sionic’s deep domain expertise, it’s an attractive combination for financial companies around the world looking to transform regulatory compliance. “

Robert Cranmer, Managing Partner and Head of Sionic Canada, said: By partnering with CUBE, you can combine the best reg tech and AI with the experience that clients need to comply with regulations and, ultimately, how they need to do it. .. We are pleased that this innovative partnership came from a team based in Toronto. We are confident that accessing CUBE’s inventory will be a powerful catalyst for regulatory intelligence in North America and beyond, with significant efficiency benefits across our international client base. ”

RegTech Cube forms partnership with Sionic

Source link RegTech Cube forms partnership with Sionic

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