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FOr anyone who hasn’t touched rum for decades, I’m worried. Follow the instructions and let the glass sit for a few minutes to evaporate the alcohol smoke, then pierce your nose. The young rum I drank purely for the effect was dark and funky and required a large amount of coke to tone. Extreme heat. But this is a revelation – complex and intense, with aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and citrus peels and smoke. It’s smooth, rich and even sexy. Similarly, it should be $ 250 a bite.

If there’s something like a “state drink,” Dark Lamb is from Queensland. People in Queensland drink about twice the national average of rum.It’s been a long-standing relationship, and the early production of rum State government Because of the income it raised from taxes.

As early as 1871, there were 10 rum distilleries. Queensland, Mainly in sugarcane cultivation areas. The eleventh was the roving distillery. A boat called Seiuchi steamed up and down the Albert and Logan rivers, taking molasses (a by-product of sugar production) from the plantations and turning it into rum on board. The walrus reached a negligible end in 1883 and was launched on the riverbank. Its owner was not found anywhere.

Beenleigh’s local sugar factory bought a boat still and started building its own sugar factory. Bean Lee Lamb is not Australia’s first, but it is still the oldest distillery in operation. Colloquially known as “Bandy,” Bundaberg continued for several years and was quickly endorsed by Queensland rum drinkers, and its monopoly is now being challenged.

In effect, behind the Bundaberg facility in a small city where sugar cane is grown is Kalki Moon. The owner, Rick Prosser, is a former master distillery and became independent in 2017 after being sharpened in Bundaberg for 13 years.

Currently, Prosser’s portfolio includes gin, vodka and other liquors, but rum is his true passion. “Rum is 100% changing. It’s definitely on the market and drinkers are looking for a more premium rum,” he says.

Legally, rum needs to be aged for at least two years to be called “rum,” and the 200-oak barrel of Kalkimoon, which previously held the harbor, sherry, or bourbon, now has rum. Although aged, Prosser created the “spirit of the cane” (immature white rum) and rum. He expects to release his first premium aged dark rum in November this year.

Until recently, Substation No. 41 Rambar at the Breakfast Creek Hotel in Brisbane is an old power plant adjacent to the hotel, serving 500 rums and holding the Guinness World Records in London, the Cottons Caribbean Restaurant and Salon de Lamb. I was able to get the sake easily. It boasts 372 types of drops.

“We saw the signs,” says Lance Burrows, general manager of the Breakfast Creek Hotel. “The interest in rum was really growing.”

Opened in 2014, the bar still offers some impressive 300s from around the world and is one of the few places in the country to stock the world’s oldest rum. The Appleton Estate Limited Edition 50 Year Lamb was made in Jamaica to celebrate 50 years of independence at a price of about $ 6000 per bottle, or $ 250 per nip.The age of rum is actually Youngest Blended rum. Only 800 bottles have been manufactured so far, of which only 17 are in Australia.

An abundant rum collection at Substation No. 41. Photo: Brisbane Distillery Company

Surprisingly, given the price tag, bottles aren’t just for showing, says substation rum expert Ned Roche.

“It’s … exclusive … but we sell it a little, mainly to the businessmen who want to impress,” he says.

Not only are Queensland people opening stores in Bandy, but the way they drink rum is changing, says Brisbane’s Gresham, Dan Gregory’s manager and rum expert.

“It was Drink rum more carefully. Our customers are drinking better quality and less quality, not heavy drinking. They are considering rum as well as whiskey and cognac. “

This means that the classic “rum and coke” that was the default rum order in pubs across Queensland could soon decline.

“Of the 55 spinning rums we have, most of them are sipping rums, only two. [are] White rum is intended for use in cocktails and blenders, “says Gregory.

Instead, Queenslanders who prefer dark rum over white rum choose to drink it properly or with ice.

That interest is slowly emerging in Till. “Over the last few years, Australian craft rum production and sales have increased.” Says James Duvenjak, who manages the spirits division of Dan Murphy’s and BWS owner Endeavor Group.

In addition to spicy rum and fruit flavors, he states:

According to Gregory, that trend is linked to growing interest in the concept of “terroir.” “It’s easy to forget that rum is a very diverse category, but taking the Caribbean as an example, each island from Barbados to Jamaica has a variety of flavor profiles derived from sugar cane, the environment and distillation methods. I have.”

At the Brisbane Distillery, owner and distillery John Asserton is keen to express the sensation of the place with Agricole-style rum. He believes that this French-style rum, made from sugar cane juice, shows its origin in a way not found in molasses-based rum.

In their “clearly Queensland” rum aglycol, he wants to express “sugar cane juice, soil, season, and weather characteristics.”

John Asserton of the Brisbane Distillery is next to the barrel.
John Asserton of the Brisbane Distillery is next to the barrel. Photo: Brisbane Distillery Company

The West End Distillery receives virgin first crushed sugar cane juice from a local farm and aged it in former Pedro Ximenez barrels from Cadiz, Spain. Named after the Brisbane River, Brown Snake is aged in barrels 40 years ago and has a “long dry finish Christmas pudding flavor”, but with a sugar cane juice flavor throughout.

Fresh sugar cane juice is so diverse that “you can get a product that tastes different each time,” says Asserton. They also have white rum and spicy rum – the cheeky name Captain Morton.

According to Asserton, the proliferation of “hundreds” of small distilleries and their tastings and classes have contributed to the education of rum drinkers over the past decade.

2021 Australian Alcohol Sales Tax ChangesSmall distilleries will incur significant tax cuts, which could lead to more people popping up.

At Airlie Beach in the tropics of northern Queensland, Fish D’Vine and The Rum Bar co-owner Mark Wyatt were ahead of the curve in establishing Rambha 18 years ago. He states that “especially in the last five years” there has been a significant increase in interest and a significant increase in the availability of rum.

“When I first started the bar, I went back to London and brought back a bottle of rum in my suitcase, because only about 12 varieties were available here from my liquor store.”

Reincarnation of Rum: How to Exchange Queensland’s Beloved Bandy for a Sophisticated Bite | Spirits

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