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Relief for critical UK science and medical projects at stake from post-Brexit clashes

Tens of millions of pounds will be spent bailout for UK scientific and medical research projects at risk from damaging posts.Brexit Conflict with the EU.

Threat to grants from Flagship £ 80 billion Horizon Europe Program Pooling talent and ideas to achieve breakthroughs – was lifted when the UK agreed to remain part of it.

However, the deal was frozen as Brussels angered the threat of suspension. Northern Ireland Protocol – The UK has led to the withdrawal of its “emergency response” program, calling for scientists to be vigilant.

now George FreemanThe Minister of Science has worked to alleviate concerns about a number of UK applications set to be approved within a few weeks.

However, Royal Society When Universities UK We are waiting to hear the full details about which bids are eligible for bailout.

The stalemate also increases the likelihood of withdrawal from Horizon – despite the warning that it will leave. Boris JohnsonA pledge to make Britain a “superpower of science”.

Wenki Rama Krishnan, Nobel Prize The Royal Society’s winner and then president warned last year that Britain could not achieve the same success by working alone.

In a statement, Freeman acknowledged that “valuable international cooperation on common global issues such as climate change” is at stake.

“We are committed to supporting the UK’s world-class research departments in international cooperation. This safety net encourages researchers and their partners to continue pursuing project plans and maintain world-class science. Gives the necessary certainty to the project, “the minister insisted.

In the last six years of the Horizon scheme, which ended last year, the UK received £ 1.5 billion. This is more than any other country and is one-fifth of the total amount distributed by the Brussels office.

The success of the program includes everything from leukemia treatment to hydrogen cells that fuel zero emission buses.

The Brexit deal, signed last Christmas, promises that the UK will pay £ 15 billion over the six years to 2027, even if it withdraws from other EU institutions and EU-wide programs.

Independent We understand that many applications have been submitted by the UK and that one of the agencies, the European Research Council, has announced the winners before Christmas.

The “Safety Net” is only for the 2021-22 “Starter Grant” and future funding from Horizon is still at stake.

The head of UK Research and Innovation encouraged “researchers and innovators” to continue to apply for Horizontal Europe, despite uncertainties.

However, Professor Christopher Smith hinted at the withdrawal of the UK, “to ensure that the UK’s prosperous research and innovation sector continues to provide world-class R & D. We are working with the government to prepare for all possible outcomes. “

Relief for critical UK science and medical projects at stake from post-Brexit clashes

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