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One surefire way to make a best-in-class car is to invent a whole new class of car.

original Mercedes CLS I did it as a 4-door coupe. NS Nissan Juke I did it as a B-segment SUV. These are just two obvious examples.Well, if you’re looking for a crossover coupe with additional desired slices that are larger than the B segment but not big enough for the C segment, come with us Renault Arkana..

Of course, few people define the next little family car in such a particular term. If you’re not too crazy about Arcana’s sloping roof SUV styling, you have a lot of options.The aforementioned Nissan Juke Renault Own capture It will be cheaper, but give up the room in the room. With a budget increase of thousands of pounds, you can get into more upscale SUVs such as: Hyundai Tucson Also Nissan Qashqai..

Arcana is now doing a full road test to see if it represents a new ideal compromise between the full size of the crossover variety and the interior space, or if it’s just a mess of different clues and effects. I have received it. At the same time, we will see if the E-Tech hybrid powertrain works the same as the full hybrid, as we did in the plug-in hybrid format at Megane, which we tested last month.

Arcana lineup at a glance

Renault says Arcana is the first car in the all-hybrid lineup. The E-Tech reviewed here is a very hybrid, but the 1.3TCe has been a staple of Renault’s engine lineup for years. Arcana is backed by a mild hybrid and is only available with the EDC Dual Clutch Automatic. Both versions are available in one of three trims: Iconic, S-Edition, and RSLine.

Renault Arkana Review (2021) | Autocar

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