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Research finds evidence of “systemic racism” in midwifery care in the United Kingdom

A year-long study of childbirth care in the United Kingdom found that “systemic racism” was experienced by black, Asian, and mixed-ethnic women. Charity Birthrights said the findings include evidence of lack of physical and psychological safety. Ignored and incredible experience. Dehumanization; lack of coercion, choice and consent.

Investigator Shaheen Rahman QC said he was inspired by the knowledge that black women in the UK are four times more likely to die of pregnancy and childbirth, and women in Asians and mixed races are twice as likely. “There is nothing” wrong “in a black or brown body that can explain maternal mortality, outcomes, and experience gaps,” she said.

“What we need now is a decisive focus on care that respects individual rights.” The investigative commission has evidence from more than 300 people with racial injustice experience and professional experience in childbirth care. I heard.

The panel heard from a woman who said that jaundice was not recognized by her black baby and her concerns were dismissed. “At the hospital, doctors admitted that the measurements were very high, but his appearance had nothing to suggest that he had severe jaundice, and the” slight “yellow of the eyes. It was just weird, “said the woman.

“They read another and sent his blood, which was even higher than last time. My baby was immediately hospitalized for a few weeks. White staff recognized jaundice in a black baby. Other interviewees told a panel story that jaundice was rejected at birth and life-threatening blood clots were overlooked after birth.

The Ministry of Health established a task force in February to address racial inequality in childbirth care. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health told the BBC that the Obstetrics Disparity Task Force “improves obstetric care for all women” and “addresses factors related to unacceptable disparities in quality of care, experience and outcomes.” Added.

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Research finds evidence of "systemic racism" in midwifery care in the United Kingdom

Source link Research finds evidence of "systemic racism" in midwifery care in the United Kingdom

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