Researchers will secure £ 586,00 to develop a 3D laser beam that can change shape

Researcher National RobotariumLed by Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, he has secured £ 586,000 to develop a reshapeable 3D laser beam.

This study hopes to transform the manufacturing and healthcare technology industries.

We want to make it easier and cheaper to manufacture products that require high-precision manufacturing, such as medical devices and mobile devices.

To improve accuracy and efficiency, we would like to develop a laser beam specially designed to meet the exact manufacturing requirements of the producer.

Funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), which is part of the UK Research and Innovation, supports the research and development of lasers for industry applications.

It helps accelerate the commercialization of technology for the benefit of businesses and the broader Scottish economy.

Lasers are a key component of modern manufacturing, and the global laser machining market is projected to grow from $ 4 billion in 2020 to $ 5.8 billion by 2025.

They are widely used in the industry to make precise cuts and shape materials into specific shapes.

However, this approach to making lasers relies on melting or vaporizing the material. That is, you need to focus the laser energy at the right point.

The shape of a standard laser beam makes it difficult to tailor it to a particular manufacturing process, reducing efficiency and limiting what can be manufactured.

To take advantage of new technologies to improve the way smartphone screen sensors and cameras are drilled, increase the density of information on semiconductor chips, and meet the ever-increasing demand for more memory in devices. It can be useful.

Medical applications may include cancer surgery, where more accurate medical devices are expected to allow tumor resection without removing healthy surrounding tissue.

Researchers work with three industrial partners throughout the project to optimize approaches and final products for commercial applications.Industrial partner PowerPhotonic, Oxford Lasers and G & H Group also support testing in real-world industrial environments.

National Robotarium is £ 21m from the UK Government and the Scottish Government as part of a £ 1.3bn Edinburgh and Southeastern Scotland Urban Area Transaction, a 15-year investment program jointly funded by both the Government and Regional Partners. Has received £ 1.4 million in support from. ..

Chief Cabinet Secretary of Finance and Economics, Kate Forbes, said: Urban areas and growth transactions play an important role in the economic recovery from the pandemic as we work towards a fairer and more comprehensive Scotland. “

Dr. Richard Carter, an assistant professor of applied optics and photonics at Heriot-Watt University and project leader, said: Beam shape with zero downtime, low cost and minimal technical know-how. “

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Researchers will secure £ 586,00 to develop a 3D laser beam that can change shape

Source link Researchers will secure £ 586,00 to develop a 3D laser beam that can change shape

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