Return of night tube service delayed due to strike

London Underground drivers will start a strike on Friday, delaying the planned resumption of night tube services to southeast London.

Members of the Rail, Shipping and Transportation (RMT) Union participate in the controversy over the roster.

The union said staff were being charged with new shifts that would affect work-life balance.

The 24-hour strike on the Night Tube Line (Jubilee, Central, Northern, Piccadilly, Victoria) will begin at 4:30 am on Friday and more strikes are planned for the coming weeks.

The night tube service, which had been suspended since March 2020, was scheduled to return from 12:00 am on November 27th.

Transport for London warned of service interruptions and advised people to check before traveling.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

“Instead, the company wants to cut costs, put all drivers together in a pool, and kick them from pillar to post at management’s request.

“We have made every effort in face-to-face talks with Acas since off to resolve this dispute, but the LU boss is driven solely by revenue and has no interest in staff well-being or servicing passengers. Is obvious.

“This strike and serious consequences for Christmas could have been avoided unless the tube manager had a fully viable arrangement with dedicated night tube staff to reduce staff numbers and costs. . ”

Nick Dent, Director of Customer Operations at the London Underground, said:

“All other unions have agreed to these changes and our staff have been enjoying the benefits of the changes since August, but we are ready to work with RMT to confirm the changes after the Night Tube service returns.

“This review may only succeed if RMT agrees to meet us for discussion and withdraws the proposed action. This will allow these changes to actually work. Everyone can see if they want to.

“If RMT refuses to engage with us and takes unnecessary action, it’s time to cause the greatest confusion for customers who want to enjoy London during the festive season. Londoners are planned. It’s a good idea to check before you travel on strike day. ”

The night tube has been suspended due to a pandemic and will resume this weekend.

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Return of night tube service delayed due to strike

Source link Return of night tube service delayed due to strike

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