Return to Ballet by Clara Birdwell at St. George University

Over the past year, blockades and constant strict rules and regulations have had a major impact on everyone’s lives in a variety of ways never before imagined. With relaxed blockade restrictions and reduced covid cases, the local dance school: Windsor’s Rhodes Dance Academy is a door to hundreds of enthusiastic dancers ready for Pirouette and Grande Jete away from the cramped kitchen. Safely restarted. To the house, the spacious studio waiting for them.

Rebecca Fries, a classical ballet teacher, clearly explained how relieved she was after receiving the news that she could return to the studio and teach her students directly. She states: “I personally like to meet students in person, so this felt like a great relief, both for business and personal reasons. This allows me to adapt to different situations at home. All dancers have equal opportunities to work together in a safe studio. ”Similarly, 17-year-old senior student Marcia Karavas said: “I couldn’t wait to get back to the studio because one of the main reasons I love dancing is the social aspect of attending classes and dancing with my friends. This is online. It meant that blockade training felt very exhausting and difficult, degrading mental health and questioning the love of dancing. ”Other dancers said some of the good things about working online. He reports that he enjoys playing, being taught by great international stars, and meeting and interacting with others from home over the internet, offering great opportunities that were previously impossible. increase.

Therefore, while there are clear contrasts to those who think there are many benefits to online training, many have poor mental health and are well trained in the limited space of their home. Could not be done. Overall, the Rhodes Dance Academy is once again vibrant and everyone is happy to be back in ballet!

Return to Ballet by Clara Birdwell at St. George University

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