Reuse of control in electronics manufacturing and quality control

In the manufacture of semiconductors and electrical devices, quality control (QC) processes are essential to ensure defect-free products that meet specifications and comply with international standards. Here, manufacturers rely heavily on industrial microscopes to ensure thorough and reliable inspections.

The visual inspection required for QC can be costly and time consuming, but advances in microscopy software have helped optimize product inspection. Olympus *’s PRESiV ™ software is designed to accelerate detection, maximize time and budget, while standardizing microscope operation and improving result reproducibility.

At the heart of PRECiV ™ software is user-friendly, fully customizable and easy to navigate, providing integrated control of microscope cameras including compatible microscopes, electric nosepieces, and shortwave infrared (SWIR) technology. The interface.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, intuitive navigation tabs and large, well-labeled buttons make it quick and easy to retrieve images and record data. Easy acquisition is complemented by various live enhancement features such as high dynamic range (HDR) adjustment and halation removal, allowing QC operators to extend their imaging and detection capabilities.

One of the most attractive features of PRECiV software is the ability to automatically capture focused panoramic images when used in combination with an electric microscope. PRECiV allows you to use extended focus images (EFI) and / or panoramic modes to stitch multiple images (vertically or horizontally) together to create a single full focus image. These large, high quality images are useful for inspecting large semiconductor wafers and electronic components.

PRECiV software provides the ability to capture and analyze high quality images, as well as help standardize and streamline the inspection process. For example, you can define personalized manual measurements and workflow steps to generate automated options and provide guidance for improving reproducibility. In addition, settings such as measurement parameters, imaging conditions, and access rights can be shared across the network, improving standardization.

Finally, PRESiV software is designed to improve systematic compliance across multiple users. Automatic calibration checks ensure that all microscopes are calibrated and measured according to international manufacturing rules, avoiding operator error. In addition, all measurement analyzes can be exported to Excel reports, providing guidance throughout the workflow and helping users stay compliant with international standards.

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* Olympus Scientific Solutions Business Became a wholly owned subsidiary,To 1st April 2022.

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Reuse of control in electronics manufacturing and quality control

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