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Review Summary No Time to Die: What Critics Made From The New James Bond Movie?

It is no exaggeration to say that the release of I have no time to diee tested patience James Bond Fans all over the world.

Daniel CraigThe last outing as 007 was originally scheduled to be released in November 2019, but was rescheduled in April 2020 after director Danny Boyle retired. Since then, the coronavirus pandemic has moved the release date two more times.

But finally, finallyArrived at the next movie theater Premiere studded with stars in London, As Prince of Wales, NS Duchess of Cornwall And that Duke When Duchess of Cambridge Joined the cast and crew on the red carpet.

The world media also attended. So what did the critics do with it?

Craig’s last movie as a British intelligence diva is a spectacular Burnstormer, melancholy, action, drama, camping comedy (Bond calls M a “loved one”), sorrow, creepy horror, And it offers ridiculously stupid old-fashioned action 007 A movie reminiscent of the world of Dr. No’s island …

007 No Time to Die is amazing, exotic self-awareness, funny and confident, and perhaps the biggest of all: big action, big laughter, big stunts, and maybe digitally devised. Maybe it’s very far, no 007 / no time to die seems to be happening in the real world, the vast open space we all have been waiting for.

There are many ritual retraces of ideas and images from past Bond adventures. But there are important differences. For one thing, it’s fashionably colorful. Thanks to La La Land cinematographer Linus Sandgren for the gorgeous dawn and dusk, as well as the rich sun blush colors of the early action sequence …

For another, it’s certainly often very interesting. The mood is often close to the lively passages of Connelly movies, and the humor feels modern and English. The Phoebe Waller Bridge script polish has clearly yielded the desired results … Mr. Bond, I’ve been expecting you for quite some time – and what a joy and relief it is to get you back.

It’s better than good. It is amazing.Daniel Craig Bond finally arrives after three half-finished installments: a stunning opening entry (Casino Royale) and innocence to step on the water. Fulfilled the first promise.. This is all the heart and a moving portrait of an outdated hero facing his own regression …

Craig was an occasional divisive person during the stints of the five films, from the first casting (too blonde, too small) to the moody performance style and off-screen rants about gig illicit behavior.yet All sins are forgiven here. He is a charismatic figure that rises from the opening frame to the closing shot, and he bows in a wonderful, soulful style. He is probably an act that is impossible to obey.

It delivers all the sights you’d expect from a 007 movie, throws some surprises along the way, and proves to be an interesting, influential and bold finale for Daniel Craig. It may have taken some time to catch him, but No Time to Die confirms that no matter who the next James Bond is, they have some big shoes to meet. increase.

NME (4 stars)

In fact, the consequences of gob smacking may be the greatest in Bond’s history. But when the credits finally rolled into Daniel Craig’s final fuss … if we weren’t familiar with it, it would even seem like he was having fun.

A stunningly well-shot, wonderfully dark villain (Rami Malek’s performance is perfect), and perhaps deeper than before, perhaps Bond can really save the day-at least for the movie in the short term NS.

Review Summary No Time to Die: What Critics Made From The New James Bond Movie?

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