RHOBH’s shameful Erika Jayne “100% back to next season’s show”

Erika Jayne admits that the lawyer has begged her to quit the show, but “100 percent back to a real housewife in Beverly Hills,” the sun reveals exclusively. I can.

Scandalous star 50 officially signed on to Season 12 of the Bravo Reality series, insiders told The Sun after Part 1. Big hit reunion This week we focused on her ongoing legal drama.


Erika Jayne refused to resign last season, ignoring lawyer advice.Credits: Social Media-See Source
She's preparing to shoot Season 12 of the Bravo Show, so now she's celebrating a big payday


She’s preparing to shoot Season 12 of the Bravo Show, so now she’s celebrating a big paydayCredit: Bravo

The insider said: “Erica Is on board for the new season and production will begin in the next few days.

“It was easy. She is the richest star at the moment and producers don’t want to miss a minute of this scandal-it keeps rolling every day.”

“Despite her legal issues, Erica still has supporters, and even those who hate her are attuned to see this all play on screen.”

Production usually doesn’t resume for months after the end of the season, but Bravo is recovering so quickly that we won’t miss any of the actions, sources explained.

Erica doesn’t want the show to be completely focused on her drama, but she “doesn’t want to go away”-and some women want to get her back in season 12 more. ..

“She wants everything settled, and people will finally begin to believe her story that she is innocent in all of these,” the insider said.

According to court documents, Tom, 82, claims to have illegally donated more than $ 20 million from his law firm to Erica.

During the reunion, Andy Cohen asked Erica if a lawyer advised her to quit RHOBH after the scandal in December, and she said, “They did. I have nothing to hide. So I said no. ”

The sun asked Erica’s staff for comment.

Erica recently counterattacked Critics asking her to be fired From the Bravo series, Blast: “Why should I be fired? Why do I think I’ve done something? Why don’t we go through legal proceedings?

“Give me a chance to protect myself. I’m ready for the challenge, watch me do it.”

She admitted to Andy after losing her divorced husband’s income. Currently, the Real Housewives is her main job.

Big payment date

Erica reportedly Won an impressive $ 600,000 in Season 11, according to New York Times After she boasted that she was the main attraction of the viewer, she could be ready for a salary increase this year.

Insiders told Weekly that “there will be more next season,” adding that Erica’s use of her situation to “request higher salaries” is “no doubt.”

During the previous episode of the show, Erica claimed she now has “Zero Dollar” in her name, a lawyer working for a trustee in a bankruptcy case she was on her legal team I was wondering how I was paying.

While talking Kyle Richards, 52, she said: “I read this morning that the bankruptcy trustee wants to take home and possibly kick Tom out, so we’ll see.

“I’m rebuilding my life here, but girl, I have zero dollars, and by the time those trustees get it done with him, nothing will be gone.

“So I get out of it without doing anything, and I told my lawyer the other day. I said,” I don’t expect anything. “

“And one of my lawyers looked at me and said,’That’s the most courageous thing I’ve ever heard.'”

“Every day brings a brand new disaster. It’s just full of ridiculous bulls.”

Bravo under the fire

Meanwhile, recently a lawyer Subpoena issued to TV producer Hand over what is not being broadcast RHOBH Video of Erica.

Attorney Jay Edelson said he believes Bravo already has a video directly related to the proceedings filed against Erica.

He said Fox news: “We believe Bravo has hundreds of hours of unbroadcast footage and documentation directly related to this case.

“So far, Bravo has chosen to use the Girardi embezzlement scandal to upgrade and make significant money for itself.”

“Victims like eating caviar pies or drinking specially made vodka provided by white gloved staff when paying lip service to Tom’s ruined life.” I had to endure seeing the cast of “Housewife”.

“Victims are” forced “to move to an apartment for $ 10,000 a month while Erica and her fascinating team parade in a lifestyle that most of us don’t know about. I’ve seen crocodile tears cry when I’m there. “

EricaFormer husband and his law firm Girardi Keith were previously accused Embezzlement funds from multiple families A person who lost a loved one in the 2018 Boeing plane crash.

He was later sued by his business partner, resulting in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in December.

Despite claiming she was unaware of Tom’s cheating Bravo The star realized that he was at the center of a legal drama.

Erica was accused “Hide her bank statement” The trustee’s special litigation lawyer confirmed that Tom’s law firm had sent her about $ 25 million.

According to court documents, the 50-year-old created one of her businesses after the scandal news was reported.

The 50-year-old star was upset in the first half of this week's reunion special


The 50-year-old star was upset in the first half of this week’s reunion specialCredit: Bravo
Erica is


Erica is “the show’s biggest star” in her legal drama, sources told Sun.Credit: Bravo
She was burned about her ex-husband's finances during a reunion by host Andy Cohen


She was burned about her ex-husband’s finances during a reunion by host Andy CohenCredit: Bravo
Co-star Garcelle Beauvais claims that RHOBH’s Erika Jayne “never” sympathized with the “victims” of former Tom’s widow and orphan.

RHOBH’s shameful Erika Jayne “100% back to next season’s show”

Source link RHOBH’s shameful Erika Jayne “100% back to next season’s show”

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