Richard Othman Shares Updates on Thursday’s Murder Club Movie

Richard Othman jokes that he regularly receives Facebook requests from Meryl Streep and asks him to appear in the movie version of his book Thursday’s Murder Club.

Sharing the latest information on the novel series Ottoman is currently writing third, he said he talked about making the film but knew nothing about who was cast.

The best-selling book is featured by Steven Spielberg’s production company Amblin Entertainment, written and directed by Ol Parker.

“You have four detectives, all in their 70s,” Ottoman told ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Ottoman said he didn’t know who would appear in the movie (Matt Crosick / PA)

“So everyone is screaming Helen Mirren, Julie Walters and Dame Judi Dench as usual, so I’m looking forward to who they go with.

“I always get Facebook requests from Meryl Streep. It’s like” Meryl let go, you’re an American. “

“Can she add an English accent?”

Presenter Susanna Reid replied, “I think she’s very good at accents.”

In agreement, Ottoman added:

“If Meryl Streep says she wants to join it, I wouldn’t say no.”

The pointless host said he wouldn’t influence the production process so much and was happy to “get out of the way” of the filmmaker and continue to write his third book.

“If you have Steven Spielberg on board, you probably leave him to make the movie,” he said.

“In the movie, it’s not the world I’ve experienced … my only job is to get out of their way.

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The pointless host joked that he had received a Facebook request from Meryl Streep to appear in the movie (Matt Crossick / PA).

“I will continue to write the third book and sell this second book because I have some control over it.”

Othman said he intends to continue writing “forever” and hopes to continue hosting meaningless things with Alexander Armstrong for as long as possible.

Asked by the producer about his life as a broadcaster, host, and international best-selling author, he said: Or Clooney. “

He said he could set the scene in an interview with GMB, Hugh Jackman could play Ben Shepherd, and Julia Roberts could lead George Clooney as himself.

Richard Othman Shares Updates on Thursday’s Murder Club Movie

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