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Ricky Gervais defends a “taboo” comedy following a backlash against “dangerous” jokes about Netflix special transpeople

Ricky Gervais After he faced, he tried to keep his comedy style Opposition to the jokes he makes about the trance community With his new Netflix special

After Life’s creator’s latest show, Super Nature, began streaming earlier this week and was quickly blamed for the material on his stand-up set, which also included jokes about AIDS and female comedians.

SuperNature begins with Gervais telling the audience that his joke is intended to be “irony”.

Later, before making derogatory comments about trans women, he calls cisgender women “old-fashioned women … women with wombs, those fucking dinosaurs.”

The set includes imaginary conversations between Sith women who oppose sharing toilets with trans women, including jokes about rape.

Ricky Gervais

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Wednesday version is appearing One showThe comic defended joking about the “taboo subject”.

“I think that’s the purpose of comedy. We get things done. We’re dealing with taboo themes because we want to take the audience to a new place, even for a moment,” he said. rice field.

“Most crimes occur when people mistake the subject of a joke for a real target.”

He continued: “It starts, they go, what is he going to say? I’m joking. Huh, they laugh.

“It’s like a parachute jump-it’s scary, but then you land and it’s all okay.

“I think that’s the purpose of comedy. I’m going to get over the taboo subject and not be scared anymore. So I’ll handle everything. And I think we’re second to guessing the audience too much. “

However, LGBT rights group Glaad in the United States has labeled the show as “dangerous,” “anti-homosexual,” and “anti-trans” after it was released on Tuesday.

“I saw Ricky Gervais’s” comedy “special on Netflix, so I don’t have to,” they said. “It’s full of dangerous anti-transrants with graphics disguised as jokes. He also spits out anti-homosexual rhetoric and disseminates inaccurate information about HIV.

“Netflix has a policy that content” designed to incite hatred and violence “is not allowed on the platform, but everyone knows that anti-LGBTQ content does just that. Netflix is ​​home to some groundbreaking LGBTQ shows, but refuses to enforce its own policies in comedy.

“The LGBTQ community and our allies are very clear that the so-called comedians who spit out hatred instead of humor and the media companies that provide them with the platform will be held accountable. In the meantime, interesting LGBTQ comedians to support. There are many. “

Gervais’s remarks have also been strongly criticized on social media, including many Twitter comedians.

Many also took the opportunity to repost an old set of British comics, James Acaster, and despised comedians established to target the trans community.

Netflix used to Dave ChappelleStand-up special for the end of last year.

In his show, The Closer, he claimed that “gender is a fact,” and said he was an acronym for “Team TERF,” a super-exclusive radical feminist.

HuffPost UK is seeking comments from representatives of Ricky Gervais and Netflix.

Ricky Gervais defends a “taboo” comedy following a backlash against “dangerous” jokes about Netflix special transpeople

Source link Ricky Gervais defends a “taboo” comedy following a backlash against “dangerous” jokes about Netflix special transpeople

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