Rightmove Named 2021 Seaside Real Estate Hotspots

According to a new study by Rightmove, Dorset’s Bournemouth was the most sought-after seaside hotspot for homebuyers in 2021.

The real estate websites we analyzed defined the most demanding coastal areas as the areas with the most inquiries from buyers through the website in 2021.

It also identified Padstow in Cornwall as the hotspot for the highest prices on the coast this year, with average asking prices up one-fifth (20%) compared to last year.

Morecambe, Lancashire, showed the largest surge in coastal buyer search (32% increase) compared to last year, followed by Blackpool (21%) and Great Yarmouth (15%).

Meanwhile, Saltcoats in Ayrshire, Scotland, has been named as the fastest coastal location for housing. The property found buyers in an average of 19 days, 25 days earlier than the national average of 44 days.

Rightmove has published a survey comparing its activities on the website from January 1st to November 24th, 2021 with the same period in 2020.

“Cornwall and Devon are the true winners.”

Tim Banister, Director of Real Estate Data at Rightmove, said:

“In terms of average offer price growth, Cornwall and Devon homeowners are the true winners of the year, with real estate in some areas above the national average, which some locals have laddered to. It means that it’s getting harder and harder to get on.

“The speed of the market this year is truly staggering and can be seen in some areas, especially when it comes to finding buyers in Scotland.

“Overall, this year was the year when lifestyle priorities could be changed or remote work was possible, allowing more buyers to live in coastal areas. It is reflected in the data confirmed in the survey. “

The most “demanding” coastal locations in 2021

According to an analysis of inquiries via the Rightmove website, a complete list of the most demanding coastal locations this year is the average asking price compared to 2020 and the subsequent rate of increase in demand.

1. Bournemouth, Dorset, £ 317,449, 4%

2. Southampton, Hampshire, 249,053 pounds, 4%

3. Brighton, East Sussex, £ 461,796, 5%

4. Blackpool, Lancashire, £ 137,301, 8%

5. Pool, do set, £ 406,566, 5%

6. Southport, Merseyside, £ 215,838, 5%

7. Eastbourne, East Sussex, £ 306,546, 6%

8. Worthing, West Sussex, £ 354,361, 6%

9. Hastings, East Sussex, £ 295,096, 10%

10. Weston supermare, Somerset, £ 252,339, 5%

Coastal locations with the highest average asking prices

According to Rightmove, these are the places where the average asking price rose the most between 2020 and 2021, the increase in the average asking price in 2021 and the percentage increase compared to 2020.

1. Padstow, Cornwall, £ 658,588, 20%

2. Whitby, North Yorkshire, £ 254,218, 17%

3. St Ives, Cornwall, £ 473,161, 15%

4. Porthcawl, South Glamorgan, £ 307,051, 14%

= 5. Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, 173,612 pounds, 13%

= 5. Newquay, Cornwall, £ 317,846, 13%

= 5. Filey, North Yorkshire, £ 214,617, 13%

= 5. Pwllheli, Gwynedd, 222,607 pounds, 13%

= 9. Brixham, Devon, 299,127 pounds, 12%

= 9. Preston, Paignton, Devon, £ 303,684, 12%

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Rightmove Named 2021 Seaside Real Estate Hotspots

Source link Rightmove Named 2021 Seaside Real Estate Hotspots

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