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Rishi Sunak vs Liz Truss: What’s Next in the Tories Leadership Race Contest?

Rishi Sunak When Liz Truss We will fight for the next six weeks to reach the final stage to become the next Prime Minister of Britain. Conservative party Leadership contest.

The former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister finished in the top two after five votes by Tory lawmakers. Penny Mordaunt Eliminated after a fiercely fought contest.

So what happens next? The last two shift their focus from Westminster and begin a fascinating Tory member. Boris Johnson At number 10 in early September.

The first chance to market to Tories and more people was on Monday, July 25, during a sparring during the BBC’s fierce prime-time debate hosted by Sophie Raworth. ..

The duo clashed over their competing tax system, and Mr Snack said there was a risk to Mr Truss. “Financial misery” Through her extravagant short-term borrowing pledge, “with a national credit card”, also Brexit, Russia When ChinaSometimes contest Take a personal turn It could be toxic.

The two candidates will meet in 12 Tory Husting debates nationwide, starting July 28 in Leeds and ending August 31 in London. You can see it on the party website.

Both candidates also agreed to appear in the Sky News debate on August 4. More TV Husting events may take place in the coming weeks.

The entire process will not end until early September, but many estimates 160,000 Tory members who can decide the next afternoon You can decide their minds faster.

Ballots will begin landing at the front door of Tory members from August 1st, and the party will tell paid supporters to expect ballots from August 1st to 5th.

Members wishing to vote online will also receive an email on August 2nd containing two unique security codes that allow them to digitally cast ballots.

Interestingly, members can change their minds during the contest. You can send both physical and online ballots and the latest ballots will be counted.

After that, Tory members must send ballots to the party by 5 pm on September 2, and the final results will be announced on September 5.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss confront at first television debate


Boris Johnson will head to Buckingham Palace on September 6th to process with the Queen. After that, Mr. Snack or Mr. Truss will take over on the same day. Both excluded early general elections.

The fight will reveal a clear rift between Mr. Truss’ right-wing immediate tax cuts and a confrontation with the EU and Mr. Snack’s more cautious approach to avoiding “fairytale” tax cuts. Is set to.

The former Prime Minister, the front runner of the entire parliamentary leg of the contest, won 137 votes in the final vote. Ms. Truss received 113 votes, slightly pushing Ms. Mordaunt to third place with 105.

Bookmakers made Truss a favorite to win domestic contests after Tory polls pointed out that she was more favored than Snacks.

The latest Conservative Home online survey of Tories grassroots also suggested that Truss would beat Snack in a face-to-face confrontation decided by members.

However, Snack pitched the members with a short video clip after last Wednesday’s results.He claimed to be the “only candidate” to win Sir Keir Starmer In the next general election.

Team Snacks pointed out Polling, which suggests that he is more popular with more people and is most likely to defeat the resurrection. Labor Party..

All Tories Husting Events:

July 28: Leeds

August 1: Exeter

August 3: Cardiff

August 5: Eastbourne

August 9: Darlington

August 11: Cheltenham

August 16: Perth

August 17: Northern Ireland

August 19: Manchester

August 23: Birmingham

August 25: Norwich

August 31: London

Rishi Sunak vs Liz Truss: What’s Next in the Tories Leadership Race Contest?

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