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Rising gasoline prices accused of being “totally unjust”

The rise in the cost of gasoline in pumps is called “totally injustice” in the wake of falling wholesale prices.

According to RAC Fuel Watch, wholesale gasoline prices fell 10p in November, the lowest level since September, but forecoat prices continued to rise, a record level of 147.72p per liter. Has been reached.

The average cost of 1 liter of gasoline at the end of November rose 3.1p per liter (147.28p), and the same story for diesel rose 2.7p to 150.64p, the highest ever despite the decline in wholesale costs. It reached 151.1p. 7 percent.

“There is absolutely no justification for high charges on outposts,” RAC said. “We are appealing to retailers to immediately reduce pump prices to fairer levels.”

It is believed that gasoline can drop 12p per liter and diesel can drop 7p. This can make a big difference from Christmas soon.

Based on this discrepancy, RAC says petrol car drivers exceed £ 5.5 million daily.

Simon Williams, a fuel spokesperson for RAC, said:

“We cannot see the legitimacy of the price charged by the pump and are concerned that low-income drivers who depend on their car are priced completely off the road. I am.

“The wholesale price of gasoline that retailers pay to buy new supplies has fallen 10p since mid-November, so we don’t know how the price increase was justified, let alone 3p.”

RAC urged the government to intervene and welcomed the fuel tax freeze last month, but “at a distance sufficient to ease the burden currently imposed on millions of households forced to use vehicles. I didn’t. ” ..

The highest prices for both gasoline and diesel can be found in the southeast, reaching 148.11p and 151.74p per liter by the end of November, respectively.

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Rising gasoline prices accused of being "totally unjust"

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