Riz Ahmed: Muslim misrepresentation is measured in lost life

Riz Ahmed states that Muslim misrepresentation in popular culture is measured by “lost life.”

Sound Of Metal star criticized the “toxic” portrayal of Muslims on the screen in a long video message posted on YouTube.

Ahmed announced that it is supporting the launch of an initiative to address the depiction of Muslim stereotypes.

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In the clip, he states: “The problem of Muslim misrepresentation is a problem that can no longer be ignored, a problem that I cannot solve on my own, and a few prominent Muslims in business cannot solve it without your help.

“I ask myself. If I am an exception to the rules, what should the rules be for people like me?”

“What should be the unwritten discipline about Muslims, a quarter of the world’s population, their position in our story, our culture, and their position in our society?

“But the exception is here to briefly explain that it doesn’t change the rule.

“The exception is that you can rather emphasize the rule and, in some respects, be content to leave it alone.

“Progress made by some of us draws the whole picture of progress if most of the Muslim depictions on the screen do not yet exist or are settled in their stereotypes, toxic two-dimensional depictions. It is not.”

Ahmed, 38, said people “will look back on this period of misrepresentation with the same shame and sadness as the day-to-day minstrel shows.”

He said the misrepresentation of Muslims is important. “The real-world cost of this misrepresentation is measured by the lost potential of unspoken stories and the unfulfilled career of the storyteller.”

“It is measured in the lost audience, but it is also measured in the lost life.

“The Islamophobia industry is an industry that measures blood costs.”

Ahmed, who also appeared in movies such as Mogul Mowgli and Four Lions, looked back on his experience at the airport after flying to the UK.

He said the new blueprint for the Muslim Inclusion Initiative includes funding and guidance for US and British Muslim storytellers through the Pillars Artist Fellowship, including $ 25,000 (£ 17,000) funding. Said that

Riz Ahmed: Muslim misrepresentation is measured in lost life

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