Roe v. Wade: Abortion Story

“In order to add salt to the wound, I had to do multiple ultrasonography to’prove’that I wasn’t actually miscarriage and lying. In the early stages of pregnancy, ultrasonography is a transvaginal ultrasonography, which is already unpleasant in itself. .. But you need to have more than one.

“Politicians say you have to’prove’, which is an incredible violation. I had to hear the same news three times, “I apologize for your loss.” happened? ?? ?? “

Mar Reina received a great deal of support for what she had to experience. One person Comment: “I’m sorry. I had a miscarriage due to an ectopic pregnancy. My body wasn’t drained. Thankfully, I was able to take the necessary steps. I shouldn’t have had to experience it. Nobody. You shouldn’t. You are a strong mom. “

Written by another person: “I’m sorry for losing my baby. A politician who tells what is or isn’t suitable for a health care woman isn’t conscientious! Retreat! You’re recovering and your beautiful family has a lovely mom I’m very happy about that! “

Actor Hilarie Burton also talked about how an abortion before Law’s precedent was overturned could “heal the uterus” and overcome fertility problems. Allow her to become pregnant The second child, her current 4-year-old daughter George.

She also said it would have been impossible to have a daughter if the Roe v. Wade case had been overturned when abortion was needed. Her story is reminiscent of yet another way women are affected by the ruling.

Along with a picture of her daughter, Hillary wrote on Instagram: Abortion after the death of the fetus allowed the uterus to heal to be in good health to carry future pregnancies. You can also use the term D & C. The official language of hospital documents is abortion. It was.

“Do you know what made that painful day even worse? Abortion is illegal and law enforcement agencies inspect my body to make sure I’m not causing my miscarriage. I did. #Roevwade. “

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Roe v. Wade: Abortion Story

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