Roy Keane identifies Harry Kane’s “big problem” before skipping England at Euro 2020

Roy keane He emphasized what he considers to be a “major problem” with the English captain. Harry Kane Prior to Euro 2020.

Three Lions will launch a euro campaign against Croatia on Sunday in Wembley.

England will take the lead in advance Tottenham Striker Harry Kane Premier League Golden boot last season.

Many believe he will win the same award in the euro this summer, seeking to leave the Spurs ahead of next season, despite much speculation about the future of his club.

Harry Kane wants to bring England to glory at Euro 2020

However, Keane admits that there is one major concern about Kane. It is his leadership qualities, or their apparent lack.

“The only thing I have for Kane is the big negative I have for Kane,” Keane said in the Wembley Road series with Skybet.

“I think Kane is a great player. I think every club should be trying to sign him.

“Man United has to sign him. I don’t care if it’s £ 120 million. I’ll sign him.

Does Roy Keane have the right to reserve Harry Kane’s ability as captain? The following comments

“But I don’t think he’s a good leader. I’ve never seen him digging up someone when he was in the Spurs.

“I know people may think’not his personality’or’may do it in the dressing room’. I don’t think he does, and that’s a big problem. “

Keane as captain Manchester United Kane admitted that he was able to set an example and lead on the pitch for eight years, but said he would like to see more from the interaction between the 27-year-old and his teammates.

ITV expert Roy Keane
Roy Keane is not convinced that Kane is a natural leader that Britain may need

“Well, you can lead in your great play, but sometimes I want to see another side of Kane.

“I want to see him catch someone, but I’m talking about Spurs.

“Some players were really poor tools and down tools for certain managers. I’ve never seen Kane dig them out.

“That’s why we have Kane as leader and captain.”

Roy Keane identifies Harry Kane's "big problem" before skipping England at Euro 2020

Source link Roy Keane identifies Harry Kane's "big problem" before skipping England at Euro 2020

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