Roy Keane reveals secret boxing battle before finding football fame

Keane admitted that he enjoyed boxing “to spend time” and had “three or four amateur fights” as a kid, but switched to football with great success. Enjoyed the playing career

Roy Keane admits he was playing a boxing match before becoming a soccer player

Roy Keane revealed that he had fought a “three or four amateur” boxing fight before gaining fame as a professional soccer player. Manchester United..

The Irish midfielder has made 326 appearances in the “Red Devils” in his football career, scoring 33 goals and boasting a tremendous reputation as one of England’s top flight premier league leaders. I am.

His physical and combative style on the pitch made fans build a tremendous relationship with the Irish, and he was previously overturned by the British heavyweight division. Anthony Joshua To be a “great boxer”.

And the 50-year-old Manchester hero enjoyed boxing because he was fit for “discipline” and “fitness” as a kid, revealing that there were “3-4” amateur fights. ..

“Where I grew up in boxing, hurling and football, I’m just busy playing football just to spend the night,” Keane said. Overlap Gary Neville..

Keane is famous for punching with Alan Shearer during his heyday.


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“I loved boxing at United. It’s the training I enjoyed.

“There weren’t 50 amateur fights, only 3 or 4 fights, but when the training sessions started clashing, I wanted to stick to football.”

And while the former Irish midfielder was always determined to succeed in football, he couldn’t continue boxing despite the “discipline” he taught him from an early age.

“I enjoyed it because it’s kind of academic and something different,” Keane continued.

“When I said I boxed, I was only 9 or 10 years old, so it was only 3 or 4 years.

“My brother was a boxer, so I came from a sports background, so I was always going to try my hand in every sport.

Keane is famous for his fighting spirit on the pitch, but he is also a big fan of seeing current boxing stars.

But he and the current British heavyweight star Anthony Joshua Tyson fury “Irritate” him because there are too many “talks”.

“I don’t like any of them. Heavyweights are annoying me, too much talk,” Keane continued.

“I haven’t chosen either.”

Heavyweight pairs were set to meet in an indisputable clash in Saudi Arabia this year, but the fighting contract derailed after Fury was forced to fight. Deontay Wilder In a trilogy match.

“Gipsy Kings” is Outbreak of Covid-19 in his training camp, A matchroom boxing promoter withdrew him from the fight with Wilder, who accused him of “low ticket sales.”

And his fighter Joshua revealed that he was set to take on the dangerous Ukrainian heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk later in the month. Special measures he is taking as a precautionary measure to prevent confusion Of his unified world title defense.

Joshua is still determined to fight Fury in the future Plans to “throw away” all his belts as needed To secure a huge confrontation with his domestic rivals.

Roy Keane reveals secret boxing battle before finding football fame

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