Russian beauty queen sues former Malaysian king for increased child support

Russian beauty queen married to former king Malaysia Breaking down a few weeks after giving birth, she is launching a legal battle against her ex-husband for a “ridiculous” £1,200 a month increase in child support.

London-based Oksana Voevodina, 30, is contacting a team of British lawyers to resolve a long-running and bitter dispute over the future of her 3-year-old son.

Voevodina’s lawyers argued that the monthly amount was not enough given that her ex-husband, Sultan Mohammed V, was “extremely wealthy.”

they spoke at a hearing at the Royal Court of Justice London Today we learned that the 53-year-old former monarch provided £1,200 monthly upkeep.

Oksana Voevodina, 30, left, is suing her ex-husband, Sultan Mohammed V of Malaysia, after receiving a lump sum of £12,000 and £1,200 a month after their divorce in 2019.

Voevodina’s legal team said the divorce settlement was “clearly unfair” for its clients. The photo is outside the High Court in London.

Her attorney, Nicholas Wilkinson, told the court that the matter was about “a wealthy ex-Malaysian king trying to offer $1,500.” [£1,200] One month is enough to support his ex-wife and children.

He told the court that the former king, who abdicated in 2020 after backlash against the marriage, failed to comply with previous court orders as part of his ex-wife’s allegations when asked to reveal assets. And Wilkinson said the current child support payments until the child turns 18 are “ridiculous.”

The former Miss Moscow also received a lump-sum payment of £12,000 after their marriage ended in 2019, just a year after they divorced.

However, Wilkinson said of the divorce mediation:

Voevodina, who also works in investments and has returned to her previous modeling career, arrived at the court surrounded by three lawyers.

The 30-year-old wore a tailored black satin trouser suit with stiletto heels and clutched a Prada handbag.

She didn’t speak before High Court Family Division Judge Leiven, but spent the day scribbling on sticky notes.

The former king, who is reportedly worth millions, is understood to have never met his son, whose name cannot be named for legal reasons. It is believed that the Sultan never publicly acknowledged that the child was his.

Former Miss Moscow Oksana is understood to have claimed that her son was the Sultan’s sole male heir, “crown prince of the Kingdom of Kelantan” and potential “future king of Malaysia”. ing.

Former Miss Moscow Oksana is understood to have claimed that her son was the Sultan’s sole male heir, the “Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Kelantan” and potentially the “future King of Malaysia”. ing.

Oksana lives in the UK with her son and a female friend from Ukraine.

Former King Michael Horton, KC, has attempted to challenge Oscana’s eligibility to seek a High Court judgment because he has only lived here for a year.

However, a judge ruled that she met the eligibility test to submit an application to the High Court.

Houghton also said her ex-husband had asked for sovereign immunity, which would exonerate him from any verdict.

She was divorced from her twice-married husband under strict Islamic law a month after the birth of her son.

He is still the ruler of Kelantan and is reported to have married another European beauty.

A judge set a further hearing in March and ruled that the former king should pay his ex-wife’s legal costs of £15,000.

Meanwhile, the Sultan, known as Faris to his friends, welcomed another European beauty as his new queen.

Czech-born 35-year-old Jana Jakubukova, now known as Diana Petra Abdullah, was awarded the title of Sultan of Kelantan on August 2nd.

The Sultan is an animal lover and is described in his homeland as “gentle, humble and mindful of people’s interests”.

He is said to have hundreds of animals, including lions and buffalo, in his small safari park.

The relationship’s dramatic breakdown followed a whirlwind romance that saw the couple tie the knot in a glamorous wedding.

Sultan Muhammad began his reign as King of Malaysia in December 2016.

The King secretly married Oksana in a low-key Islamic ceremony held in Kelantan on June 7, 2018.

He secretly married Oksana in a low-key Islamic ceremony held in Kelantan on June 7, 2018, after reportedly meeting in Europe the previous year.

Oksana recalled the extravagant reception in Moscow: “It was like a fairy tale. Every girl dreams of a beautiful marriage, so my husband decided to make this gift for me.” I’m here.

Their summer wedding was followed by a glittering reception in Moscow to announce their improbable marriage to the world.

Her son is said to have become pregnant on a romantic Australian royal holiday just weeks after the ceremony.

The Sultan resigned due to rumors of a wedding.

Their marriage came as a shock in the conservative Malaysian state, especially because of their 23-year age gap.

And even though his bride had converted to the religion, the union was met with unrest by Muslim leaders.

It was met with further controversy when the Russian media claimed that Oksana had been on a funny reality TV show five years before meeting Faris.

The High Court heard that the child was born on May 21, 2019. However, just four weeks after his death, he abruptly divorced Oksana using his Islamic formalities for Triple Tarak.

Her friends say she was completely open to the King about her past life, although the facts remain disputed.

By December, however, he had abdicated, and shortly thereafter in January 2019, the Sultan abdicated as the country’s 15th king, becoming the first king in the country’s history.

Their child was born on May 21, 2019.

But just four weeks later, he abruptly divorced Oksana using triple talak Islamic law.

It is a custom for Muslim men to end a marriage by saying “You are divorced” three times in Arabic.

Oksana claims she heard it from the internet.

There were allegations that the king at the time was furious that the details were leaked when he wanted to keep the Moscow wedding party private. Along with a photo from a reality TV show of his wife clinching with a male participant in a Mexico. Russian beauty queen sues former Malaysian king for increased child support

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