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The sad sisters of the murdered teacher, Sabina Nessa, wept on Friday when she spoke to hundreds of mourners at a rally a week after the murder.

At Pegler Square in Kidbucke, southeast London, Islamic Jevinayasmin told a large number of people.

“Words can’t explain our feelings. It feels like we’re stuck in a bad dream and we can’t get out of it. Our world shatters and we just get lost. ..

“Family should not experience what we are experiencing.”

28-year-old Nessa was attacked and killed near the square on her way to meet her friend.

Shortly before the community event began, the Duchess of Cambridge said, “I’m sad to lose another innocent young woman on our streets.”

“My thoughts are on Sabina’s family and friends, and everyone affected by this tragic event,” Kate tweeted.

In March, the Duchess personally visited the monument to Sara Everd, a marketing executive who was killed in Klapam Common, southwest London, after a 33-year-old woman was killed by off-duty police officer Wayne Kusens.

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Sabina Nessa: Lots of people | Independent

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