Saga Prefecture Starts Paid Leave System for Grandparents

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Saga Prefecture has announced that grandparents will offer a week of paid leave to celebrate the birth of their grandchildren.
Specializing in insurance and commodities for people in their 50s and above, the company claims to be the first UK employer to offer paid grandparents leave for 2,500 employees.government Start talks In 2016, the possibility of extending shared parental leave to grandparents was considered, but this was not stipulated by law. Under the new policy of Saga Prefecture, the grandchildren of all Saga Prefecture staff will be able to use the nursery school on the premises. This policy began after consultations with workers and an external survey of 2,500 people over the age of 50. According to this survey, 25% of working grandparents find it difficult to balance work and childcare efforts. Saga quoted a further study of British age, showing that two out of every five grandparents over the age of 50 provide regular childcare to their grandchildren. Jane Storm, chief human resources officer in Saga Prefecture, said the new policy would help grandparents “play a role in a growing family from day one.” “And it also symbolizes how important older workers are to their company and society. The working life is getting longer, but the first question many people over the age of 50 still ask. Is “When will you retire?” “We want to change that mindset and show that age doesn’t prevent us from continuing to succeed as a professional,” she added.Arashi said it was

Saga Prefecture Starts Paid Leave System for Grandparents

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