Sally County Council PDP Highway Construction Compliance Technician: #CreateYourFuture

This is a great opportunity to become a support assistant. Sally County Council. Please apply by May 22nd. #CreateYourFuture.

Settlement date: May 31, 2022

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About opportunities

This is a professional development program position that provides formal career development opportunities supported by comprehensive training and development offers. This position has a grade span ranging from PS5 to PS7. Staff in the PDP role set standards and goals to work on that are designed to help them learn the skills and behaviors needed to support career development.

In this position, we report to the Highway Construction Compliance Team Leader and play an important role in laboratory and field testing, field sampling, field inspections, and material surveys. This profession provides support to enable postholders to develop the skills, abilities, and associated experience required to qualify for a civil engineering qualification.

This role involves both laboratory and field work and may require work during non-sociable hours as needed.

Due to the nature of the work, it is essential to have a complete UK driver’s license.

This role involves contributing to all of the following:

  • Training will allow you to perform all routine testing activities in the lab.
  • Covers field work, including field testing and sampling, as needed.
  • On-site skill monitoring
  • Works with a variety of internal and external clients.
  • We support the maintenance and development of UKAS accreditation.
  • Gain knowledge of materials, design, and test specifications.
  • It plays an important role in supporting material innovation.
  • Helps support testing and evaluation of new materials and working methods.
  • Maximize your lab income.

Skills and requirements

To do Final candidate for interview In this position, the application Clear evidence:

  • At least 5 GCSEs or equivalents
  • Experience in providing excellent communication standards, presentation skills, and excellent customer service to a variety of clients.
  • Flexibility to work in non-sociable hours as needed.
  • Excellent IT skills including MS Office.
  • Demonstrates a systematic approach to collecting, recording, and reporting information.
  • You can plan your workload in the context of conflicting priorities.
  • Plan your own work activities to ensure operational efficiency and use your own initiatives.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, click the button below to find out how and more about applying for this role.

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Sally County Council PDP Highway Construction Compliance Technician: #CreateYourFuture

Source link Sally County Council PDP Highway Construction Compliance Technician: #CreateYourFuture

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