Salt Bae: People split due to customer shocks over £ 37,000

£ 37,000 ($ 50,000) invoice from Salt baeOf new London Steakhouse Some have controversial on social media and say that expensive receipts must be “PR stunts.”

The menu price of chef Nusret Gökçe’s restaurant Nusr-Et Steakhouse London has previously been dining with customers since the opening of the new Knightsbridge establishment last month. Express their disappointment with the £ 44 ($ 60) charge of the four Red Bulls..

The chef’s famous 24-carat Gold Tomahawk steak costs £ 850 ($ 1,160) and the food is even more expensive.

However, he was shocked after being presented with a £ 37,023 ($ 50,888) invoice, which reportedly left dinner at the restaurant for four people. director Shared on Reddit’s London subreddit, MyLondon..

“Nusr-Et Steakhouse is ridiculous now …” The post shared on Reddit was originally shared on Snapchat along with the actual receipt.

According to the statement, the four-person table can be ordered with one of the chef’s golden tomahawk steaks, herb-sprinkled french fries for £ 30 ($ 41), asparagus for £ 18 ($ 25), and more. I ordered the expensive side) and mashed potatoes for £ 12 ($ 16).

There was no food budget for alcohol as the table ordered a bottle of 1996 Petrus wine for £ 9,100 ($ 12,500), two bottles of 2003 Petrus for £ 19,900 ($ 27,000) and two Dom Pérignon. bottom. Rosé 2006 costs £ 1,620 ($ 2,200).

For desserts, the receipt shows that four guests ordered 16 Nusret Baklava for £ 400 ($ 549) and four more Golden Baklava for £ 200 ($ 275). I am.

Overall, the bill was £ 32,194 ($ 44,250), for a total of £ 37,023 before the 15% service charge was added.

At Reddit, receipts split users and some people express similar shock to their invoices, while others accuse them of knowing what they’re doing by posting about their meals. I was there.

“I don’t know what I think is more scandalous, whether this place imposes astronomical prices on pub-quality menus, or if anyone is convinced that this is really good food.” One commented.

Another said: “Sunlight robbery. At least in Michelin, there are places where high charges are rigorously considered, and it costs about one-37th!”

However, given the cost of menu items, some suggested that customers couldn’t expect their bills to be this low.

“If you can’t go to a fine dining restaurant and improve your math, that’s ridiculous. What about the restaurant problem. You spent so much on wine, you b ** ch about it after the fact. I can’t. I’m just trying to save myself after being stupid, “someone else said.

Another Reddit user said the bill is a “PR stunt” because “people who buy petrus or literally gold-studded steaks won’t be shocked at either of these two prices.” Insisted.

“It’s all trying to appeal to people who already know how much Petrus will cost in a restaurant,” they continued. “Don’t accidentally order the world’s most expensive brand of wine three times. You can google their menu and all the prices are written on it.”

Gökçe’s latest steakhouse is his 15th, with other locations in New York, Los Angeles and Turkey.

Salt Bae: People split due to customer shocks over £ 37,000

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