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Samantha Giles of Emmerdale was forced to wear a wig when she returned as Bernice Blackstock

Emmerdale Star Samantha Giles has decided to wear a wig when returning to play Bernice Blackstock in the upcoming scene of ITV Soap

The beautician was last seen on our screen in November 2019 after leaving for Australia with Dee Dee to take care of his ex-husband Charlie, who was involved in a serious car accident. ..

There have been many changes since Bernice fled to the village 18 months ago. Her teenage daughter Gabeat Thomas (Rosie Bentham) has launched a hatred campaign against her ex-Liam Kavana (Johnny McPherson) and is now pregnant with a child of Jamie Tate (Alex Lincoln).

Emmerdale star Samantha Giles decides to wear a wig when she returns to play Bernice Blackstock

The filming of actress Samantha, 49, is also quite different, from the rules of social distance on the set to her own hair and makeup.

Talking to the Daily Star and other newspapers, the soap icon explained that she decided to wear a wig to play Bernice.

She said: “I have very thick, supple and frizzy hair! I can’t do it myself. I can’t do it!

“Obviously, Bernice is a beautician, so if you want, she will see nothing more than having her disorganized look.

“So it was all really hard!”

Samantha Giles
Samantha struggles to get her hair and makeup on the set

Samantha teases Bernice’s first scene back in the village, saying:

“A lot of things are happening? We’re pregnant with Gabby and Liam is about to marry Leila, so there’s quite a lot to come back.

“It’s nice that the character was loved so much that he wanted me to come back. That’s a big compliment.”

Samantha Giles of Emmerdale
The actress made fun of Bernice’s “unexpected arrival”

Bernice’s daughter Gabby, 19, became pregnant after standing overnight with Jamie, and his cunning mother Kim Tate (Claire King) has since put her expected mother under her wings. I took him.

Samantha said: “Burnis knows about Gabby’s pregnancy because Nicola told her on the phone, but it’s obviously a shock to see her daughter.

“I don’t think Bernice intends to keep Gabby in the hands of Tates and Home Farm. She wants to stand for her daughter.

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“I’m sure Kim and Bernice’s will come in the future and in the next few months when the baby is born.

“At this point, there is nothing but the first short talk that Kim Tate has returned to, but I’m sure there will be some fight.”

Emmerdale will air on ITV at 7 pm on weekdays and will provide additional assistance on Thursday at 8 pm.

Samantha Giles of Emmerdale was forced to wear a wig when she returned as Bernice Blackstock

Source link Samantha Giles of Emmerdale was forced to wear a wig when she returned as Bernice Blackstock

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