Scandinavia’s Largest Designer Outlet Plans Announced

Malme Designer Village will be Scandinavia’s largest designer outlet, with its first phase scheduled to open in the summer of 2025.

The 18,000-square-meter space, which houses numerous luxury retailers and dining brands, also includes multi-sensory elements designed for beautiful gardens, seasonal events, and luxury shopping experiences.

Both international and new market brands, run by independent outlet developer Rioja Estates, will be included in the first opening phase, with Phase 2 scheduled for fall 2027 expected to expand by 9,000 square meters.

According to one release, the outlet is expected to increase the footfall of 2.5 million people annually, which will be among the top 25% of European outlets in terms of visitor numbers. In addition, during Phase 2, potential visitor spending is expected to be € 655 million, as reported by outlet retail specialist Ken Gunn Consulting.

“Both Malmö Designer Village and Grantham Designer Outlet Village, which we are developing in the UK, have received a great deal of interest from brands opening in these retail destinations, demonstrating that the brands understand the physical stores. The store is alive and well, and in fact thrives on designer outlets, “said Giles Membrey, Managing Director of Rioja Estates, further suggesting that the location will appeal to both local and international visitors. ..

“Brands understand that retail in-store is alive …”

The retail park’s shopping streets and beautiful gardens are the backdrop for seasonal events aimed at attracting visitors and encouraging recurring visits. Other multi-sensory experiences include space for yoga, outdoor dining and the organic food market.

The company states that the location can reach 3.8 million inhabitants within 90 minutes of the village, suggesting that it has a larger catchment area than existing Scandinavian stores. In addition, it is estimated that 26 million tourists will stay within 60 minutes of the area and will eventually attract over 1.9 million high-value visitors annually in Phase 1.

According to the company, the first phase is expected to have potential spending of € 468 million and annual sales at full capacity of € 84 million. In Phase 2, mature annual sales are expected to increase to € 134 million.

Scandinavia’s Largest Designer Outlet Plans Announced

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