School F1 Techton 1k-Jay Shah St. Orave’s Grammar School

F1 at school is an event that takes place around the world on a regional, national and international stage. F1 at school is about building teams, designing and racing cars, and documenting all of this in your portfolio.

Techton 1k, a team from St. Oraves, has achieved the fastest car in the region and competed in the national competition. We interviewed Keshaf Sheshadori, a member of the team who designed the car and led the team.

When did you start F1 at school?

Keshav: Around May 2019.

What has your journey so far given you?

Keshav: This trip taught me invaluable skills, such as the ability to use online design technology. This was also academically useful. F1 at school has also helped develop many social skills such as marketing. Overall, what it taught me can be put into real life and will definitely affect my future.

How did you feel that you won the fastest car in the area?

Keshav: That was amazing. In particular, it feels great to know that the months of research, development, testing, modeling and manufacturing have been successful.

How did you feel that you were second in the area?

Keshav: This was also great. I think it was unbelievable to be on the podium in the countryside, but this was only more determined by us to improve our output for the people.

How much effort has been put into the car and the team to be successful?

Keshav: I made a lot of effort. Especially for automobiles, the design process is long, but at the same time it is a lot of fun if you know how to analyze the test results in wind simulation (FEA) and develop it correctly. As for the team, all the documentation, presentations, marketing, sponsorship-it was a myriad of efforts, but I did it knowing that a good project would be rewarded.

What will the road look like in the future?

Keshav: In the future, we are currently competing with some very talented and experienced teams at the professional level. This is the ultimate challenge, so we’re starting to move steadily and aim to learn from what the other teams are doing well. I hope we can have a good show in the area.

What advice would you give to new entrants to F1 at school?

Keshav: Look at the previous team. F1 at school is a very accurate and painstaking task, so the best way to learn is to look at projects that have been tried and errored in the past. This is a key guide on how to do the project. Overall just have fun.

Keshaf has really enjoyed F1 at school so far and seems to be very enthusiastic about it. F1 at school looks like an exciting experience for many, helping them create new skills, build teamwork, and much more.

School F1 Techton 1k-Jay Shah St. Orave’s Grammar School

Source link School F1 Techton 1k-Jay Shah St. Orave’s Grammar School

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