School switches menus to reflect international identity

MeThe Heritage International School in Moldova has moved away from traditional cuisine to offer a wider range of global cuisine to reflect its international community.

Rob Ford, Director of Heritage International School, said: All over the world in our community.

“We also wanted to take advantage of Moldova’s culinary quality and local pride in organic produce for new menus and approaches. This is also the UN’s strong school commitment to the SDGs and how they use the SDGs. It was also about whether I wanted to live in Japan and incorporate it into my daily practice. “

The independent school currently hosts international food on Friday, allowing students to sample food from different countries, including the UK, weekly. Ford said: “For many years as principal and senior leader of a British school, I knew the impact and value of initiatives such as fish and chips on Friday and roast dinner on Wednesday on learning, engagement and community morals. Is the center of school life and is ignored as dangerous. “

The school celebrated events such as St. George’s Day in England and Thanksgiving in the United States, allowing students to experience the world through food.

Ford added: “Students love this concept and have seen food intake in the canteen. Our next step is to see a meatless Monday. Students at the Cambridge Global Perspective iGCSE are in the canteen and We are working together to reduce both food waste and food mileage.

“One of the best moments for me is to see my colleagues and students sit together in the cafeteria as an international school in Moldova, destroy bread, nan and tortillas and see the actual international school community continue to grow. development.”

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School switches menus to reflect international identity

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