Schroders strengthens sustainable investment team with new hires

In this newly created role, von Esch oversees research and the development of sustainable investment models, while ensuring the continued integration of this analysis into Schroders’ investment decision-making. She joined her partner, Redburn, and has led the company’s ESG business and associated client base.

Bauer also participates from Redburn, a partner and former co-head of the Redburn ESG franchise. He has been appointed as a Sustainability Analyst and reports to Von Aesch.

Kimberly Lewis has been appointed Head of Active Ownership. Prior to joining Schroeder last July, he worked as Engagement Director at Federated Hermes International. Lewis’s direct report is Katie Frame, who recently joined Federated Hermes International, an engagement manager, as an active ownership manager.

Schroeder promises to publish sustainability data in valuation

Von Aesch and Lewis will report to Andy Howard, Global Head of Sustainable Investment at Schroders. Howard also participates in the Schroeder Group Management Committee. The company continues to put sustainability at its core. He has driven Schroeder’s sustainability research and has been the driving force behind proprietary tools such as SustainEx.

Howard said: “These additions further enhance Schroeder’s ability to provide market-leading sustainability data, support our focus on stewardship and engagement, and expand our products and services to our clients globally.

“We consider this moment to be an important milestone in our sustainability journey and a natural step towards a clear and successful path to Net Zero. We have a vision and experience in the market. Injecting solid talent to lead, not only within the industry, but also outside the industry.

“As companies and investors, we recognize that the companies we invest in have a fundamental role to play in ensuring that they are on the path to net zero and a sustainable future. That’s why we made so many commitments to accelerate. Our progress in managing climate risk and achieving net zero by 2050. These commitments are data-driven and proactive. This can be achieved thanks to a unique approach supported by a successful involvement process. ”

Interview with Sustainable Investment Leaders: Schroder Howard on “Tangible Tools” to Help Define Value

Already this year, with the appointment of a sustainability analyst, Schroeder has expanded its sustainable investment team globally, creating new positions in Laza Rotiant in New York and Melvintan in Singapore, covering North America and Asia, respectively.

We have also appointed seven sustainability-focused analysts to expand the role of sustainability specialists throughout the investment team. In addition, Sarah Bratton Hughes, who has led the company’s growth in North America, is expanding her role to include sustainability, the newly created responsibility of the Global Head of Solutions.

Carolina Minio-Paluello, Global Head of Products, Solutions and Quants, said: Partner with clients to achieve these goals and define and deliver a Net Zero strategy. “

Schroders strengthens sustainable investment team with new hires

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