Seek more help for those waiting for joint replacement surgery


Charities warn that people awaiting joint replacement are often in daily pain and need more support for both physical and mental health.

Arthritis vs. as part of it Cannot be ignored The campaign has developed a 6-point support package that encourages local medical services to offer people waiting for joint replacement.

Planned surgery wait times are currently at record levels due to the backlog accumulated during the pandemic.

Latest numbers The NHS England suggests that the number of people waiting for hospital treatment in the UK has exceeded 5 million for the first time, with nearly 400,000 waiting for more than a year.

A poll of 900 people awaiting surgery with Versus Arthritis found that more than three-quarters (79%) felt their physical health had deteriorated.

Nine out of ten (89%) reported worsening pain levels, 90% reduced mobility, 79% lost independence, and 72% experienced poor mental health. ..

Therefore, charities are asking local health services to commit to a plan for the following six points, a factor that may also be related to the support provided by the employer.

  1. Clear communication provided to people about when they can expect to have surgery and receive the care and services they need in the meantime.
  2. Individual self-management support provided to help people with arthritis manage their pain while waiting for surgery.
  3. A physical activity program designed to help people with arthritis stay active and prepare for surgery is provided by a primary care network (or a group of GP clinics working closely with other primary care and community care staff). It should be actively promoted.
  4. Mental health support provided to help everyone with arthritis manage their pain and associated depression and anxiety.
  5. A guidepost to financial support and advice provided to people with arthritis who are at work or looking for a job.
  6. A Covid-19 recovery plan to address the specific needs of people with arthritis.

Apart from this, the Royal College of Surgeons wants to build a network of specialized hubs to deal with the backlog, and some hospitals do routine surgery such as hip and knee replacement. The emphasis is on.

Neil Mortensen University President Told the BBC It’s time for a “new deal for surgery” to help medical services survive future pandemics.

“If a dangerous new variant of Covid-19 becomes established, or another bad flu arrives in the fall, surgery cannot be stopped again, or the waiting list will be insurmountable,” he said. Said.

He suggested that about 40 centers in the existing NHS building could be refocused to perform non-urgent surgery.

Seek more help for those waiting for joint replacement surgery

Source link Seek more help for those waiting for joint replacement surgery

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