Selling Your Property: How You Can Make It Happen Quicker

We understand that dealing with property sales can be a stressful and timely process, regardless of whether you’re experienced in property sales or a novice. Frustratingly so for those that wish to sell quickly, property sales can be a lengthy process, which could be hindered due to a range of different factors, no matter whether they’re minor or major. However, certain aspects of your property can be adapted to achieve a quicker sale and simultaneously add value for potential buyers. We understand that you’ve probably got your hands full at the moment, so we’ve created this list of aspects to consider if you’re looking to complete it quickly and help you secure a house sale as soon as possible.

Declutter and Depersonalise for Viewings

 Viewings are essential for securing a house sale quickly, as it allows potential buyers to picture themselves in your home and see whether it fits with their current lifestyle. Start preparing for viewings by reducing the number of personal items on show, such as children’s toys, toiletries, clearing the kitchen surfaces, and storing items that you don’t use daily. Keeping these items out of sight will help viewers imagine themselves in the property and create the illusion of a brand new home that is attractive to buyers.

Declutter your home by getting rid of duplicate items and things you no longer use or have outgrown. You could do this via online marketplaces, car boot sales, or even by donating them to your local charity shop. Further helping you present a tidy, clean household for potential buyers and help prepare you for moving day.

Make Sure That All Paperwork/ Certificates Are In Order

 While preparing to sell your property, ensure that you keep all the relevant paperwork and certificates organised and in order; not doing so can cause unwanted delays to the selling process. Necessary documents include the title deeds, an EPC, and proof of I.D, all of which are required to sell any property.

Althogh not compulsory, you can also include other documentation such as a fixture and fittings form, a property information form, or even an electrical safety certificate. The latter can help comfort potential buyers and give them peace of mind that nothing substantial is wrong with the property, such as wiring, etc. You can organise an EICR through an electrical safety certificate specialist such as Trade Facilities Services. Specialists such as those mentioned earlier will answer any questions, give further advice, and check for any faults.

Take Care of Minor Repairs

 Even the tiniest issues with a home can deter a potential buyer; therefore, you must fix all minor repairs and scratches before any viewings. Minor problems could range from a missing tile from your bathroom wall, small holes in the plastering, or a missing doorknob. Regardless of the issues, make sure these are attended to as even the slightest imperfection can distract viewers and influence their decision-making. As the homeowner, if you allow potential buyers to see that you haven’t attended to minor issues, they might wonder if any underlying, more significant repairs need to be carried out, which could result in a non-sale.

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