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ServiceNow has acquired DotWalk. Automation ServiceNow application upgrades and tests.

The two companies will work together to map business processes and workflows on the Now Platform to identify the tests required to modify the application. DotWalk’s artificial intelligence (AI) -powered regression testing decodes the optimal number of tests and procedures to perform on a particular instance beyond the details and accuracy achieved by humans.

Accelerate business value
In addition, DotWalk’s technology uses intelligent automation to identify and validate error sources that may occur during the application upgrade process when analyzing logs in the background. Ultimately, this will improve overall application performance and enable customers to act as quickly as possible to reach their business goals and accelerate their digital transformation.

DotWalk is the existing foundation of ServiceNow Strategy for automation.. This will reduce ServiceNow’s cost of ownership, further enhance its vision of becoming the enterprise software company that defines the 21st century, and enable customers to act faster and deliver more value to their businesses.

ServiceNow completed its acquisition of DotWalk last week.

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ServiceNow Acquires DotWalk – PCR

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