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Seven years since the Giants captured Liverpool’s imagination

The Giants’ spectacular visit to Liverpool has become the city’s most memorable cultural event in the last decade.

First in 2012, we were featured by Little Girl Giant, her uncle, and her trusted Xolo. dog..

Since then, Liverpool Have been fascinated by Royal Deluxe Giants Their creator, Jean-Luc Courcoult, is the highest citizen’s honor in the city. Honorary citizenship..

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The Giants’ first visit in 2012, The Odyssey, told the story of a little girl, the Giants, waiting for a letter from her father.



The first iconic visit began when people glimpsed a soundly sleeping uncle. Salt House Dock..

The giant doll passed Liverpool’s landmarks such as: Anfield Stadium And Chinese Arch had a spectacular three-day ending with a reunion of tears at Kings Dock.

The Giants then barged to say goodbye to the city from the Canning Dock, but no one could believe that the visit was over.

Fortunately for Liverpool, the Giants returned to the city only two years later.

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In 2014, the Giants’ second performance, “Memories of August 1914,” celebrated the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I.

It tells the story of Liverpool Pal, who volunteered to fight when he was declared war.

From Friday to Sunday, my grandmother, little girl giant, and pet dog Xolo roamed the city.

More than 20,000 people lined up outside St. George’s Hall in a day for the first glimpse of a giant they had never met.

The crowd flocked to St. George’s Hall to see her grandmother sleeping in bed.

My grandmother lay down on a huge wooden bed in the hall and traveled around the city in a huge wheelchair before the weekend.

Memories of August 1914 included a recording of what Liverpool’s oldest resident recalled from people who lived in Liverpool about the era.

Her dog Xolo, with a little girl and grandmother, leaves the city at a spectacular waterfront finale. Photo: Grandmother marches past the iconic liver building.
Photo: Grandmother marches past the iconic liver building.

If anything, the second visit was even more awe-inspiring than the first, and the Giants ventured into new places, including New Sham Park, and even became cheeky with the crowd.

In the highlights, a little girl giant stopped by the street to pee, the dog Xolo ridiculed the cake, and the pipe-sucking grandmother blew a gust of wind, literally blowing her head away.

Memories of Royal de Lux in August 1914. Xolo has a light meal from the crowd.
Xolo has a light meal from the crowd

The Giants spent the weekend exploring the city, stopping at the Chinese Arch, past the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, and boarding a bus to Newsham Park.

Giant's Return Liverpool England July 2014 Memories of Royal de Lux in August 1914. The return of the giant to Liverpool. Little girl and grandmother and her dog Xolo. Photo: Xolo greets two girls in Kensington.
Xolo greets two girls in Kensington.

On the other side of the city, people marched with them, others found spots on the side of the road, and others created an ingenious vantage point for a glimpse.

The crowd found a great vantage point to see the sights
The crowd found a great vantage point to see the sights

Three days after pleasing the crowd, the Giants sailed down the River Mersey, causing Liverpool to break heart again.

Girl giant traveling by elevator in Kensington on the way to New Sham Park on the Alibaba Bus
Girl giant taking the elevator from Kensington to New Sham Park by Alibaba Bus

The Giants were back until 2018.

This time around, the four-day performances in Liverpool and Wirral were even more spectacular and ambitious.

Depart Liverpool for the Giants as a Little Girl Giants with your grandmother Giants, then depart Liverpool down the River Mersey. Photo by Colin Lane.
Leaving Liverpool for the giant as the little girl giant departs Liverpool down the River Mersey with her grandmother giant

When the Giants arrived in the city in 2012, they couldn’t see their impact and how people would talk a few years later when the girl and her uncle reunited.

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Seven years since the Giants captured Liverpool's imagination

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