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NSThere was a little anti-climatic feeling here England National Team Announcement For future ashes tours. Maybe that was natural. After all, English management said about this team and its goal of recovering the urn. Sudden braking squeak Hey, I’ve shown that there may not even be ashes this year anyway. At that point, fans adopted the brace position to prepare for even worse case scenarios. It wasn’t that England wasn’t touring, it was about arriving in Brisbane with Route, Butler and other empty teams. With a young family at home.

The fact that England coach Chris Silverwood was able to uncover a passenger list that literally includes all of England’s current best test players is the cause of cheers unless you’re an avid James Vince fan. Should be. Go back to the people who made such a result possible. The problem is that Australia is considered the overwhelming favorite of the series, so the first instinct is not to celebrate, but to count how the published batting lineup has disappointed England in the last two years. Alternatively, you can subtract the average speed of a bowling attack from the number of miles per hour that might have been available if Jofra Archer and Olly Stone weren’t injured. No other supporter of England is more engrossed than expected to be defeated.

And it’s hard to overcome with a premonition of fate, primarily based on the melancholy reflection of where Joe Root’s team was supposed to be at this point in evolution. Had Silverwood not had such a bright and clear vision at the beginning of his tenure, it would probably not have been so painful for everyone. When he took over from Trevor Bayliss in October 2019, he was already envisioning a team that had won the ashes. It had two important elements. A top order that recorded a big run in the first inning and a bowler battery over 90mph that can carry Australian batters in his backyard.

For all his efforts and preparations, he has neither. This is what you could win.

But then for all of us, it was a long, tough, and totally unimaginable two years. The golden summer of 2019 is like a lifetime, a time of miracles and wonders. Three of its most amulet figures, Archer, Ben Stokes and Jack Ruetsch, have gradually disappeared. No, subsequent England results do not suggest that they have fulfilled their promises, but that summer was not all Super Over and Headingley.

In fact, if anything unpleasant about Joe Root’s leadership that summer, he’s a potential flaw in his team, especially batting. He has no such illusions about the team he is leading to Australia. In Silverwood’s words, there was a hint that the vulnerable spirit might be better suited to England.

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Reasonable people who have the data do not expect this England team to win where they failed in both 2013-14 and 2017-18. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t. India’s historic victory in Australia Earlier this year, it could be both an inspiration and a model. Silverwood made the same suggestion when asked about the ghost of the fastest-paced attack in England’s absence.

“All plans must be adaptable,” he said. “And the only thing we got is the highest accuracy. What we are trying to do is look back at the plans used by India and adapt one of them to what a bowling attack is. “India traveled with only one complete high-speed bowler, Jaspari Bumura. There is Markwood in England. From veteran pairing of Anderson and Broad to rookie Olly Robinson, the rest of Joe Root’s attacks certainly have the ability to mimic the patient and frugal approach that served India very well.

But there are other tricks they can copy. India used more than 20 different players in four test series, and in difficult and hostile tour conditions, their depth strength was one of their greatest weapons. Mohammed Shiraji started his tour as a net bowler. Rookie Washington Sundal played a key role in winning the series seal in Brisbane.

England has already proved what it can do on the day side of the third string this summer. In Australia, a team of 17 people will be accompanied by a Lions tour that may provide useful backup along the way.

Of course, what really confused Australia in January was the inability to get rid of India. It’s not a situation that seems like a half-big problem for England. Pat Cummins and Josh Hazelwood are looking forward to the idea of ​​the opening pair, who is still bedding, and the volatile rhythms of David Malan, OLAP and Jos Buttler in the middle.

Whether Australia’s lack of test cricket in 10 months proves a preparation problem or a refreshing break that benefits players is one of the last questions. England’s packed international schedule has, of course, been criticized, but it is undeniable that it has an unparalleled experience of playing (and living there) under strict Covid restrictions. Silverwood calls them “combat enhancement”. We will see.

Several factors indicate Australia’s ashes victory, but England still has hope | Ash

Source link Several factors indicate Australia’s ashes victory, but England still has hope | Ash

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