Shakespeare: Outdated or More Appropriate? Eva Westberger

However, you can choose to look at Shakespeare in a different light. His story is not relevant in that we can relate it directly, but in that its themes have the power to resonate with us today. , Macbeth’s paranoia, and Juliet’s grief are perhaps recognizable in our own lives, or in the lives of those around us. As a more indirect possibility, Shakespeare’s work (whether inadvertently or deliberately) tackles themes that we still grapple with today, such as feminism, disabilityism, and morality, astonishingly well. Shakespeare’s words have appeared in thousands of movies, television series, and more, not to mention inspiring the 2000s films She’s the Man and Ten Things I Hate About You. Adopted. Shakespeare may be long gone, but his works have far outlived him in endless ways, in ways that still resonate with audiences and consumers hundreds of years later. Shakespeare: Outdated or More Appropriate? Eva Westberger

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