Share the “sweetest” compliment to Caroline Flack when Olly Murs returns to stage

Many musicians are enjoying a big return to the stage after the restrictions on live events have recently been lifted.

And Olly Murs took advantage of the first opportunity he had to remember his late friend Caroline Flack when he returned to work.

The singer returned to stage at Newmarket Rowley Mile Course on Friday night, and after the performance, took him to social media to share a special video.

Filmed by one of the crew, Olly can be heard singing “Sweet Caroline” to thousands of fans. This is probably a song I’ve heard more than usual, thanks to the recent euro.

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However, the previous version of The X Factor Star was a homage to Love Island’s host Caroline, who died last February at the age of 40.

The pair made great friends by hosting The Xtra Factor, a spin-off of the ITV talent show, before attending the main show in 2015.

“For you!” Olly wrote on Instagram with a video of the crowd joining Sing Along.

“@ Newmarket_racecourses2021 is a crowd! I’m glad I was back on stage! I loved it and loved everyone who came!”

And fans quickly flooded the post with their love and support.

“She would have liked it so much,” said one.

Another comment: “Oh, Olds !!!! This is amazing !!!!! Caroline will love this !!!”

“The sweetest touch,” added the third.

The fourth said, “A beautiful moment for a beautiful person.”

A group of close friends and family members of 37-year-old Olly and Caroline participated in a mountain trek and raised Samaritans’ money and awareness to honor their friends who died in June.

Olly and Caroline

The group has undertaken various activities for suicide prevention charity, marking the “new peak” of the Lake District, the “Flack Peak”.

They raised over £ 28,000.

In March, Olly touchedly talked about her friends on Channel 4’s Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death.

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Share the "sweetest" compliment to Caroline Flack when Olly Murs returns to stage

Source link Share the "sweetest" compliment to Caroline Flack when Olly Murs returns to stage

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