Share X-rays of rib fractures after Tommy Fury escapes from Jake Paul’s battle

Fury withdrew from the fight with Paul after being injured in sparring following a previously discovered chest infection in a training camp.

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Tommy Fury works to get out of the battle of Jake Paul

Tommy Fury revealed that he had a broken rib in sparling. Jake Paul..

The British were scheduled to take on the social media star in Florida on December 18, but are now withdrawing after being injured.

Fury also suffers from a chest infection but wants to change the schedule of the match with Paul.

In a video posted on social media, Fury said: breathe.

“My sparring session, pad work session, whatever it was, I couldn’t breathe and I was always coughing a lot of sputum.

“It led me to a sleepless night, and it lasted four weeks. I’m going to train” I “, I’m going to get over this, I’m going to fight no matter what.” I had the attitude.

Tommy Fury has released an x-ray of his injury


Instagram / TommyFury)

“Four weeks ago we decided to have a modest session, and I took a small clip on my body, and my body was so weak due to the virus, so what I immediately did I noticed that it wasn’t right.

“I was vomiting from pain, I doubled. I literally got my bag, went straight to the hospital for an MRI scan and got the results back the same day.

“The results showed that I had a clean break and had multiple fractures. During the next week I thought I could still fight, but then the doctor and my entire team It took me to say you can’t fight.

“I’m still not sunk in that I’m not fighting. My only focus is to set a new fighting day and recover.

Will Tommy Fury fight Jake Paul?Please let me know In the comments section Less than

“I can’t do anything else but get ready as soon as possible and look for a new day of battle with Jake Paul.

“There is no other fight. I hope that is the next fight I want and I can come up with a new date for next year.”

Fury, however, may have to wait for his shot at Paul, who refused to promise to reschedule the match.

Meanwhile, he will rematch with Tyron Woodley on Saturday week. This is four months after nominating a former UFC champion and recording his fourth professional win.

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Share X-rays of rib fractures after Tommy Fury escapes from Jake Paul's battle

Source link Share X-rays of rib fractures after Tommy Fury escapes from Jake Paul's battle

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