Shine and Diddy Beef explained: What happened between the rappers?

DIDDY shocked the world when Shyne joined the stage during a performance at the 2022 BET Awards on June 26th.

Shine was signed to Diddies Bad Boy’s record label was dropped in 1999 after a shooting that hurt their relationship.

What happened between Shine and Diddy?

On December 27, 1999, Shyne, Diddy, and Diddy’s then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez were attending Club New York in Manhattan.

The conversation between Diddy and Brooklyn Knight’s Matthew “Scar” Allen became hot after a drink spilled, and Shine pulled out a gun and fired a bullet at the area.

Three people were injured in the shooting.

Shine, then 21 years old, was convicted of attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment and sentenced to 10 years in prison.


Shine and Diddy will perform on stage at the 2022 BET Awards in Los Angeles on June 26, 2022.Credit: Getty

Diddy was finally acquitted on suspicion of a gun resulting from the shooting.

By 2003, Shine had dropped out of Diddy’s Bad Boy Records, and a year later he publicly said Diddy had betrayed him.

Are the rappers friends now?

While appearing in the Drink Champions episode, Shine sat down with NORE and DJ EFN to discuss his career, politics, and post-prison life.

Shine, who left jail in 2009, talked about his relationship with the CEO of Bad Bad Records after the New York nightclub case.

“I went through a bitter stage, but in retrospect I blamed the lawyer who was advising him, because his lawyer was there to secure a” not guilty “verdict. “

He continued. “When your lawyer misleads you and misleads you, that’s the way everything collapsed, and he told me it. He said. I forgave him.

“It was traumatic. I forgive him, and you may hear me enter him a few months later. It was over a decade ago and I was elsewhere at that time. “

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What is Shine doing now?

Shine left the music industry to pursue a political career, following in the footsteps of his father, who became Belize’s first black prime minister in 2008.

In April 2010, he was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for Music in Belize to assist in planning concerts for artists.

When he returned to his hometown of Mesopotamia on his mother’s 60th birthday, he was urged to find the meaning and purpose of life.

“I became clear when I observed the locals and their experience of poverty and lack of opportunity.

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“I began to look back on my life and how lucky I was to have such a wonderful opportunity to pursue my ambitions and dreams of becoming a musician.”

“I started thinking about myself. I should go back to Belize and focus on providing opportunities to the people in the community.”

Shine and Diddy Beef explained: What happened between the rappers?

Source link Shine and Diddy Beef explained: What happened between the rappers?

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