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The house was never quiet growing up. The house was always full of people and laughter, and there was no shortage of food and music. My parents had an open door policy. Whether you appear without notice or with an invitation, you leave with a smile and a full stomach.

Naturally Anyone who knew when I was a kid that I was dramatic as an adult. I’m always candid. I loved writing and playing. I was the one who gave a speech on an adult’s birthday.

I acted My teen. At the age of 16, I did a comedy at the Television Center Ashley Walters.. You may have been drinking underage wine when you sneaked into the rap party. I came home at 11:00 pm. Mom and dad called the BBC switchboard all night and asked if anyone saw me.

My attention It’s incredibly short. All school reports say the same thing: “Being engaged first, Shirley’s interest quickly diminishes.” I love to come up with ideas, but it’s boring to see them to the end. I can’t change, believe me I tried, so I find positive as an adult. I am never satisfied and always want to have a new experience.

It may sound obvious, but However, if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, be sure to choose someone you still like in 10 or 2 years.

Encounter with Maya Angelou It was like no other. Intelligent and beautiful, she was one of the black women I read and grew up with. I literally lost her word when I went in to interview her for BBC Radio 1. Seeing me nervous, she politely reassured me, leading the conversation and calming me down. Then we recorded that she was reading her poem, Still i will rise.. I still get goose bumps.

From adolescence Until the beginning of adulthood, I was terrible with money. Invoices and statements are placed in unopened drawers. I had never budgeted and was financially illiterate. When the other half of me noticed how terrible I was, he knucked me down and fixed it.

My birth The first child looked smooth. Embracing our newborn, it was blissful. A few hours later, her sister noticed something was wrong – I was bleeding for hours. No one noticed. I lost a lot of blood and had an operation in a hurry. It was only when I came out of the anesthetic that I realized how serious it was. My family thought they had lost me.

I never forgive Father who threw away my beloved jacket. Beautifully made, it suits me like a glove – a once-in-a-lifetime purchase in my twenties. I left it in his spare bedroom. It went into the bottle because I never did when he was moving and told me to collect it. He says it’s my fault. I see it differently.

Bananas scare me, Real phobia.. Eating something near me, I leave – the smell makes me nauseous. I used to run a family shop when I was a teenager, so I covered it with a plastic bag with my finger and picked it up. I didn’t want to tell this to my kids, so I sucked it up well. Still, the overripe bananas in my house are quickly removed.

I’m typical Caribbean Parent-Child Approach: Children are taught independence early on and I don’t spoil them. I know they don’t always need me. And I haven’t apologized for being a working mom. I have both work and family and I love and enjoy it. That means I’m not there for every event in their life, but someone is. I choose not to feel guilty.

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Shirley White: “I haven’t apologized for being a working mom” | Life and Style

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