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Shortage of HGV drivers: 10,500 workers will be given temporary visas to save Christmas

The government plans to give more than 10,000 workers temporary visas to get Christmas back on track after concerns about supply shortages have been raised.

The temporary visa system paves the way for 5,000 HGV drivers and 5,500 poultry workers to find employment in the UK until Christmas Eve, stocking turkeys and toys on supermarket shelves, and addressing gas station delivery issues. The purpose is to deal with it.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps said the visa will be issued next month, “guaranteeing that preparations are going well” for the holiday season.

Retailers have warned the government that there will be only 10 days to save Christmas from the “serious turmoil” due to a shortage of about 90,000 drivers in the freight sector.

Industry groups Food and Drink Federation and Logistics UK both welcome visa changes, and Federal President Ian Wright calls this measure “practical.”

However, Baroness McGregor Smith, chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce, said the change was “insufficient to address the scale of the problem” and was “equivalent to throwing a thimble at a bonfire.”

The announcement that immigration regulations have been relaxed to ease supply pressure is a scene of a long queue at a gas station after a shortage of specialized tank truck drivers has stopped selling pumps and distributions to some fuel retailers. It is done in.

In addition to short-term openness to foreign workers, the Ministry of Defense is intervening to provide examiners for truck driving test exams with the aim of steadily expanding the workforce by the minister.

Authorities said the MoD examiner’s loan to work with drivers and employees of the Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) would help conduct “thousands of additional tests” in the next 12 weeks.

Meanwhile, nearly a million letters will land on the front door mats of HGV licensed people in the next few days to encourage those who have left the industry to return.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the letter describes the steps the transport sector is taking to improve the situation in the industry, including wage increases, flexible working hours and fixed hours.

Chaps said: “This series of steps is based on important work already done to mitigate this global crisis in the UK, and the government will help the transportation and food industry address the shortage of HGV drivers. We continue to do as much as we can.

“We are currently in action, but the industry needs to play a role as companies continue to improve their working conditions and maintain their decent salary increases in order to retain new drivers.

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“After a very difficult 18 months, I know how important this Christmas is to all of us, so we are taking these steps as soon as possible to ensure that our preparations go smoothly. . “

The coronavirus pandemic exacerbated the global shortage of truck drivers, but in the UK, long-term problems with the number of workers amid aging labor force, low wages and poor truck stoppages. had.

DfT acknowledged that imports of foreign workers would not be a “long-term solution” to the problem and said it wanted to invest in establishing a solid domestic workforce.

Authorities said the government continued to help resolve high vacancy rates through improved testing and employment with better wages, working conditions and diversity.

As another long-term measure to turn things around, the Ministry of Education will invest up to £ 10m to create a new “skill boot camp” that trains up to 3,000 people to become HGV drivers.

Free intensive courses train drivers to implement entry-level HGV licenses (Category C) or more advanced courses (Category C & E) for operating heavier and longer lorries.

An additional 1,000 people are expected to be trained through courses that are locally accessible and funded by the government’s adult education budget.

Those who access medical and HGV licenses through the Adult Budget in the 2021/22 academic year are eligible by the state and funding dates back to those who started any of these qualifications after August 1.

More DVSA examiners will be released and amendments to the law will allow truck driver tests to be conducted, allowing three emergency service driver license examiners and MoDs to conduct driver license tests with each other.

Secretary of Education Nadhim Zahawi said:

“We remove barriers to help more people start new high-paying careers in the industry, take action to address driver shortages, and train thousands of people to prepare their roads. We support you to receive. “

“We are listening to concerns from this sector and are acting to ease the very tight labor market,” said Environment Secretary George Eustice.

The government said it has already streamlined the process for new HGV drivers, while increasing the number of driver license tests available to allow 50,000 additional tests per year.

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Shortage of HGV drivers: 10,500 workers will be given temporary visas to save Christmas

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