Shorten the booster jab to 5 months and wait until it speeds up deployment

Wait 6 months before reducing booster dose to 5 (Photo: Getty Images)

It has been suggested that the 6-month wait between the second dose of Covid-19 and the booster could be reduced to 5 doses.

Ministers and health experts are reportedly discussing whether to reduce delays to help speed up vaccine deployment prior to winter.

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What was said?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the six-month period between doses was a “very important point” and emphasized the need to “keep going as fast as possible” to provide boosters.

When he visited Northern Ireland, he said: “I think we need to keep going as soon as possible on timing issues.”

The current guidance states that the third dose should be given within 6 months of the second dose of coronavirus vaccine.

From this point onwards, qualified individuals will receive a text, letter, or notification of appointment from their GP.

Former Health Minister Jeremy Hunt criticized this long delay, saying:

“And shouldn’t we see if the decision should be flexible so that more people can get involved faster for the booster jab?”

Phone to get vaccinated when the number of cases surges

Discussions to reduce latency follow a warning that Covid-19 infection could reach 100,000 per day this winter, followed by those who are eligible for the minister to come forward for a third dose. It happens when you urge.

The government relies on the success of vaccination programs to prevent NHS from being overwhelmed, but booster dose intake has so far not been in line with the enthusiasm of the first vaccination program.

Johnson emphasized that unlike the early stages of vaccine deployment, dose supply was not a problem, but instead a “demand problem.” However, Health Minister Sajid Javid said Wednesday a record 234,000 additional vaccine reservations were made (October 20), suggesting that demand may be recovering. ..

Javid warned that if people were not vaccinated, restrictions would be tightened and Plan B would likely be implemented.

He states:

“If you don’t have enough people to get booster jabs, if you don’t have enough people to qualify for the original offer, the 5 million people I talked to are not in front, if you don’t wear them, if you don’t have vaccinations. It’s still inoculated. In a crowded place with lots of people who aren’t usually dating, I wear a mask when I really need it. If I haven’t washed my hands and things, it will hit us all.

“Of course, more restrictions are likely to be imposed.”

How do I book a Booster Jab?

In the UK, you will need to receive a letter or text recommending that you book a booster vaccine dose when you are eligible.

You can book Booster Jab online only if the NHS has contacted you and:

  • 50 years and over
  • Over 16 years of health at high risk for Covid-19

The booking system allows you to book a third dose only if at least 6 months have passed since you received the second jab.

You must wait for the NHS to contact you before booking a booster. You may be asked to book this online or through a local NHS service such as GP surgery.

If your Covid-19 test is positive, you will need to wait four weeks from the date of your test before booking a booster.

If you are in Scotland NHS will notify the website It has a handy tool that explains how to be invited to booster vaccination.

In Wales, the health board will contact you when it’s your turn to book a jab. You should not contact your GP to ask about your appointment.

In Northern Ireland, a booster program has already begun to provide doses to caregiver residents and staff. The GP will soon begin inviting older patients first to receive boosters. You should wait until you are contacted to book an appointment.

Shorten the booster jab to 5 months and wait until it speeds up deployment

Source link Shorten the booster jab to 5 months and wait until it speeds up deployment

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