Should cannabis patients be allowed to grow their medicines?

Over 2,000 signatures have been collected on a new petition requiring UK medical cannabis patients to grow their medicines.

Thousands of patients are asking the government to allow people with legal prescriptions for medical cannabis to grow their medicines for personal use. Growing marijuana indoors might sound complicated, but if you have proper tools – it’s not so much different from growing tomatoes. The first thing you need to choose is proper LED grow lights

The purpose is to reduce some of the financial burden on patients who are forced to access their prescriptions personally because the product is not available on the NHS.

Over 2,400 signed Petition, It was set by Jay Churnley, a medical cannabis patient, and states: I want the government to legalize cannabis cultivation for medical users who already have a medical cannabis prescription and make this drug available to patients who cannot afford the prescription. “

Some patients have told Cannabis Health that they want to increase their unique licenses, especially for those who are underfunded or whose needs are not met by currently available products.

Nathan Taylor, a Northern Ireland medical cannabis patient suffering from cPTSD, especially has a pricing model for Project Twenty21. march.

“Medical cannabis has made my life completely better. In many ways it’s actually incredible. I can live a normal life without fear, but price increases are legal for me. It means that I will wait until I can grow my medicine. It’s devastating, but at least I decided to discuss this petition in Congress, “said the patient, paying an annual license fee and once. Nathan said he wants to be allowed to grow up to four plants.

“Local governments can know exactly what we are doing in a safe and controlled environment. I live in Northern Ireland, so following the cannabis route in the black market No. For many reasons, it’s not worth the risk. “

Nathan added that the petition was the best hope for patients struggling to raise prescriptions until the NHS had access to medical cannabis products.

“We all need to get together and fight for this petition,” he said.

“Why am I forced to take medicines with many extreme side effects and it doesn’t work when I know that cannabis helps me lead a normal life? I strongly feel that being able to grow is a hobby that I really enjoy and that is useful for mental health itself as a hobby that I am good at. I think it is our right to grow our own medicines. I believe. “

Health benefits

Pious *, a UK-based medical cannabis patient, said he supported the idea of ​​increasing its own licenses issued for “compassionate reasons.”

“I think the license to grow your own cannabis should be granted for compassionate reasons to patients who live below the poverty line, those with disabilities, and those whose current product supply does not meet their needs. “I will.” ..

“For example, if someone wants to push a flower to produce enough cannabis to produce oil for chronic pain or to make it topical, it’s not. [currently] Doing so is cost-effective and deprives the supply of prescribed cannabis. “

Patients who responded on Twitter emphasized the various benefits of being able to grow their medication, including the freedom to grow specific strains according to their condition.

Jane Hinchcliffe, a patient with chronic pain and fibromyalgia, said: [there is] There is no need for irradiation or chemicals, so there are advantages in every aspect. “

User @TheNewImpostor, added: “Various strains of cannabis contain unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles that provide a variety of distinguishable effects. Therefore, people are most effective in treating their particular illness. You can choose to grow a strain of cannabis. “

Others have the general health and well-being benefits of spending time growing plants, and environment.

Jim Finch, who uses cannabis to manage Tourette’s disorder, commented: Since cannabis is a plant, we are confident that we can conclude that growing it has a positive effect on health. “

The petition must collect 10,000 signatures by March 2022 in order to receive a response from the government. When it reaches 100,000, parliamentary debate will be considered.

Right to grow

But cannabis patient, activist, and co-founder Phil Monk We Signer (WTU), He told Cannabis Health that he felt he couldn’t sign the petition because people who didn’t have the resources to access the prescription in the first place would lose.

“I believe everyone, not just those who are subject to the prescription, should have the right to grow cannabis,” Phil said.

“There is so much financial, social and medical discrimination against people who are poor and do not have access to private cannabis prescriptions for medical purposes, and the NHS does not allow them legal access.”

A WTU campaign for all adults to have the right to legally grow and consume cannabis, not just those whose health has been diagnosed.

Phil continues. “WTU believes that cannabis should not be available only to the sick or dying. Cannabis should also be available to healthy people who want to use cannabis as a preventative. This is to reduce the stress of life to mitigate, bless, or mourn the emergencies of everyday life, thereby increasing their well-being and health. This is to choose cannabis instead of alcohol. Of particular importance to those who relax. Alcohol has been shown to be more prone to addiction, illness, and misuse, and to be more harmful and toxic by comparison. “

He added: “Given that all humans have an endogenous cannabinoid system that has been proven to be essential for maintaining homeostasis at the cellular level, all humans cannabis for their own personal needs. Naturally, you should also have the right to grow. Without a license until you engage in corporate activities to bring the product to market for profit. “

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Should cannabis patients be allowed to grow their medicines?

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