Should I show my son a relative who is a registered sex offender? | Family

A few years ago, my brother-in-law was arrested, warned, Sex offender Registration (SOR) To download images of child abuse for 2 years.. He denied it, Accidentally click..

Our child is primary-School age, and my The only priority is to ensure his safety.I explained to my husband that my son and I wouldn’t see him anymore My brother-in-law.. (I never liked the manIn the past, he threatened violence against his teenage children. )

My husband is thinking I’m doneReacted that our child would not be at risk. Brother-in-law’s wife I also tried to persuade me to meet our family. She is not talking to her husband What we know about him I want to avoid nasty excuses about why I was arrested and stopped attending family events If we know he will go there.

The difficulty is my husband’s View is different my..I said He is free to see our brother-in-law, but with me Our son. My husband feels he can’t do this. He says we can’t make excuses for our absence, Because he can’t forgive us I know about arrest.Feel As if I was being punished.. My parents-in-law believe I should Forgive and forget, As they did. (My other brother-in-law shares my view and will not attend family events in case of problems The man is there. )

I will explain why we did not see his uncle for years when his son reached the right age. So we try not to keep this secret. My husband Angry About that. I love my husband and he is a nice guy, how can I solve this?

Your long letter painted a terrible picture of your brother-in-law. This turns out to be a very difficult situation for you, but as you say, your priority is your son, and everything else must then obey. Your instinct seems to be strong in this, and I think they are worth listening to.

Why are your husband and sister-in-law so enthusiastic about protecting the feelings of your brother-in-law? He sounds very powerful. Are your other brother-in-law under this pressure, or are you the only one?

I consulted NSPCC And a child psychotherapist. The NSPCC pointed out that when someone is placed in the SOR, there are often restrictions on criminals who come into contact with children. But thank you that this can be difficult to check.

Given what you told me about the issue between you and your husband, you may want to consider a family mediator (see link below). Your husband probably needs a place to explore why he feels trapped in the middle. I wondered if he was actually a little afraid of your brother-in-law, but is it too embarrassing to say that? (More reasons not to let your son see him.)

The issues you write are focused on you and your husband, but your co-brother-in-law has children who threaten violence, so you can talk within your rights. Services for children about this. If you would like to discuss your concerns, there are other organizations you can contact. I placed these at the end of this column.

Child Psychotherapist Ryan Rowe It was no surprise that you wanted to stay away. “If you don’t know all the facts, you can’t be sure that you can protect your son, and if no one is ready to talk about them, you can’t know the facts.”

Regarding talking to your son about this, Rowe advised to say: His uncle was arrested for something, you are not sure what, and As a result, I find it safer not to contact him. Rowe provided counseling (at this stage) for the actual billing. He added: “This can be done with a very light touch, but it is only possible if you and your husband solve this between you and you are not full of anger and resentment.”

What you don’t want to happen is that you and you both come to this in different stories or use the time spent explaining to your son as an opportunity to earn points for each other. So it’s very important that you and your husband unite, and I think mediation helps with that.

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A conversation with the new podcast series Annalisa Barbieri is available Here

Should I show my son a relative who is a registered sex offender? | Family

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