Side effects of pregnancy: breastfeeding from the armpit

pregnancyAt the same time as a miracle of nature, it can also be one big mystery. Ticktaku They made a surprising journey as their bodies raised their babies, which helped build a community for new mothers.

One TikTok user later became viral Share video A side effect of her rare pregnancy-lactating from her armpit. The video shows the ducts under both armpits, which she describes as “hard and painful!”.

So what does this side effect mean and what can be done to cure it?Gynecologist and co-founder Dr. Sara Wales Sexual and intimate wellness brand Hanx, Gave us all the answers.

What are the side effects of this pregnancy really called?

Dr. Welsh tells GLAMOR that the development of excess breast tissue or breast breast is a condition called breast breast disease.this is Predefined As “abnormal breast tissue found in addition to normal breast tissue”.

How common is accessory breast, and why do pregnant people get it?

“Pregnancy can lead to many abnormal physical changes, but breastfeeding from the armpits is not common,” says Dr. Welsh. Armpit.

“In some cases, the extra breast tissue may contain nipples or areola, but if not, during pregnancy or childbirth When milk can be squeezed out of tissue and the area can become swollen and painful. “

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Is it possible to prevent or treat breast breast?

“If you’re worried about milk coming out of your armpits, it’s important to consult a medical professional for review and diagnosis,” Dr. Welsh advises. “Accessory breast is a congenital disorder that is not serious but can cause discomfort during pregnancy.

A congenital condition means that you are born with it, so you cannot prevent aiding breast. However, breastfeeding is generally caused only by pregnancy.

When it comes to treating breast breasts, more serious or unpleasant causes may require surgery, but not all.

“Many people have pain, swelling, aesthetic concerns, or Cancerous changes“Dr. Welsh says. “If treatment is selected, it is usually recommended to remove the breast by surgical excision, liposuction, or both.”

As for what she can do to relieve mild discomfort, she also recommends taking length to relieve the pressure that excess breast tissue can exert on the rest of the body.

“Some women can pump milk from the area to relieve this pressure. Continue breastfeeding.. “

Side effects of pregnancy: breastfeeding from the armpit

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