Sir David Ames suspects Ali Harbi Ali, 25, accused of murder and terrorism after MP, 69, was stabbed to death by surgery.

The man was charged with murder and terrorist crimes today after Sir David Ames was killed when a parliamentarian met a member at the church in Essex last week.

Ali Harbi Ali, 25, will face a court case today for killing MPs in a church operation six days ago, the public prosecutor’s office said.


Ali Harubi Ali, 25, was charged after being detained under the Terrorism Act.
A man charged with murder after Sir David Ames was stabbed to death in Essex


A man charged with murder after Sir David Ames was stabbed to death in EssexCredit: PA

Sir David died tragically in surgery on his members at Laindon in Essex-believed to have been stabbed up to 17 times.

The suspect was detained under the Terrorism Act.

The CPS today announced the accusation, stating that the attack had both “religious and idealistic motivations.”

Nick Price, Head of Special Crime and Counterterrorism at CPS, said:

“We submit to court that this murder had a connection with terrorists, that is, it had both religious and idealistic motivations.

“He was also charged with preparing for a terrorist act, which follows a review of the evidence collected by the Metropolitan Police Department in the investigation.”

Ali remains in custody and will appear in the Magistrates’ Court in Westminster later this afternoon.

“We would like to extend our deepest condolences to Sir David Ames’ family, friends and colleagues who died tragically last Friday.

“Sir David’s family, members, dedication to the community, and his positive influence on the lives of many are shining.

“Today’s prosecution is an important milestone in this case, but my colleague’s work at Mets’ Counterterrorism Command will continue.

“There is considerable speculation in the media about the background, history, and motivation of the man currently being charged.

“I understand that the public interest in this case is enormous, but now that the indictment has been filed, everyone should exercise restraint when making public comments so that future proceedings are never compromised. Is extremely important. “

“I was quietly waiting for the policeman.”

Ali is said to have booked an appointment with him before the horror spread at noon and quietly waited for the police to arrive.

Rescuers fought desperately to save the injured politician-but despite their efforts, he died on the scene.

A British-born ant with Somali heritage, flagged by the Anti-Radical Evolution Plan, is understood to have had extremist material on his phone.

He was flagged for a government anti-terrorism program, but was not investigated by MI5.

Police were seen searching his Kentish Town home in North London after his arrest, and CCTV caught him just hours before the murder.

His dad, Harbi Ali Kullane, refused to comment on the situation and was formerly the director of communications at the Prime Minister’s Office in Somalia.

Despite Ali’s intensification, relatives claimed he had been trained to become an NHS doctor after spending four years in a prestigious medical school.

However, government sources claimed he had trained as a technician in the radiography department of King’s College Hospital in London.

But at the time of the attack on Sir David, Ali wasn’t working there.

Our hearts are shattered.

Sir David’s family

Sir David Wife Julia and 5 children In a moving statement, he paid tribute to his “courageous” husband.

They said they were “very proud” of their husbands and fathers, and that “our hearts were shattered.”

The statement states: “Strong and courageous is the right way to explain David. He was a patriot and a peaceful person.”

“So we ask people to set their differences aside and show kindness and love to all.

“This is the only way to move forward. Set your hatred aside and work towards a sense of unity.

“Whatever your racial, religious or political beliefs, you are tolerant and willing to understand.

“As a family, we are trying to understand why this terrible thing happened. No one should die that way. No one.

“Bring something good from this tragedy. We are absolutely broken, but we will survive and continue for those who are wonderfully inspiring.”

Many dear friends and colleagues

Boris Johnson bloomed in church with Sir Keir Starmer and Priti Patel on Saturday morning.

Johnson and Sir Kiel were walking side by side in a black suit and white flowers during their unannounced visit at 9 am.

Mrs. Patel, who brought the yellow and purple flowers, wore a black coat.

The politicians went individually to the church to pay homage before returning to the car accompanied by the police fleet.

The Prime Minister made his solemn visit time after explaining Sir David As a “greatly loved friend and colleague”.

“Today, after nearly 40 years of continuous service to the Essex people and across Britain, the loss of Sir David Ames, who was killed in a church member’s surgery, shocked all of us. “I’m full of sadness,” said Mr Johnson.

“David was a man who passionately believed in the country and its future. Today we have lost a good civil servant and a much-loved friend and colleague.”

“You can call at any time”

Meanwhile, the mourner cried during Sir David’s rally on the weekend.

Father Jeffrey Woolnow described the politician as “Mr. Southend.”

“Have you ever known Sir David without that happy smile on his face?” He said.

“The greeting he gives was always that wonderful smile.

“He died doing what he liked. Meet his local members.”

Harlow’s Tory member and Sir David’s friend Robert Halfon was one of many politicians who gathered across political divisions to talk about their sorrows.

He said to the sun: “He was an incarnation of an Essex man.

“He was, fortunately, the most wonderful, kind, entertaining and compassionate politician we knew in his lifetime.”

“The worst aspect of violence is its inhumanity, which can deprive the world of joy and deprive us of what we love most,” said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

“Today I needed a father, a husband, and a respected colleague. All my thoughts and prayers are with Sir David’s loved ones.”

We lost a good civil servant and a much-loved friend and colleague

Boris Johnson

“He was a good and kind person. He showed charity and compassion to everyone. All his words and actions were shown to be kind. My heart is directed to his family. increase.”

A fatal puncture wound occurs five years after the 41-year-old MP Jo Cox was shot and stabbed in the daytime to death.

Labor politicians and mothers were killed by Thomas Mare, 53, who was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Her death was the first murder of a sitting MP after the death of Conservative Ian Gow in 1990.

Sir David wrote a book last year after Joe’s death, telling MPs that he “ruined the great British tradition of those who meet openly.”

Joe’s husband, Brendan Cox, said: “Attacking the elected representative is an attack on democracy itself.

“There is no excuse or justification. It’s timid.”

Sir David has been a member of the Southend West since 1997 and first joined Congress in 1983.

Anyone with information or CCTV footage was asked to call the police on October 101, citing Incident 445 on October 15.

Sir David married Julia.The couple had five children


Sir David married Julia.The couple had five childrenCredit: Rex
CCTV caught suspected murder hours before the murder


CCTV caught suspected murder hours before the murderCredit: pixel8000
Boris Johnson sent a moving compliment to MPs


Boris Johnson sent a moving compliment to MPs
Police were outside Ali's house in northern London


Police were outside Ali’s house in northern LondonCredit: LNP
He visited the scene with Priti Patel and Sir Kiel Starmer to make the flowers bloom.


He visited the scene with Priti Patel and Sir Kiel Starmer to make the flowers bloom.Credits: Andrew Parsons / No10 Downing Street

History of violent attacks on parliamentarians

Sir David is the latest MP killed during his tenure.

Jo Cox

Labor Joe Cox was killed in June 2016 on the way to right-wing fanatic Thomas Mare on his way to Batley and Spen’s constituency surgery.

Her killings, which took place a few days before the EU referendum, sparked public protests and urged politicians to significantly strengthen their security.

Mare was imprisoned for a lifetime for the attack.

Stephen timms

In 2010, Labor Rep. Stephen Timms was stabbed by a woman who claimed to be seeking retaliation for supporting the Iraq War in constituency surgery in eastern London.

His attacker, Rossonara Choudhry, 21, was a radical student who stabbed Tims twice in his stomach before his assistant managed to pull her out.

The surgeon who operated on him described the injury he suffered as “potentially life-threatening.”

Nigel Jones

Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Nigel Jones was stabbed and his assistant Andy Pennington was killed. In 2000, a sword-wielding man rushed into his constituency and attacked him.

Attacker Robert Ashman spent eight years in a safe hospital for the attack.

Ian Gau

In 1990, the Eastbourne MP was killed by an IRA car bomb at his home in Sussex at the age of 53.

Sir Anthony Berry

Enfield Southgate lawmakers died in the IRA bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton, where Margaret Thatcher was staying at the 1984 Conservative Convention.

Robert Bradford

In 1981, the Ulster Unionist Party was shot dead by the IRA during a member surgery at the Belfast Community Center in 1981.

Airy Neve

The terrorist group also killed former Northern Ireland secretary Neve.

His car was blown up when he drove out of Westminster’s parliamentary parking lot in 1979.

Spencer Percival

Perceval is the only prime minister killed in the office.

He was shot dead in the lobby of the House of Commons in 1812.

His family paid tribute to the


His family paid tribute to the “courageous” MP
Flooded with compliments for the minister


Flooded with compliments for the ministerCredit: PA
Witnesses reveal police “overwhelmed” church after MP David Ames was stabbed

Sir David Ames suspects Ali Harbi Ali, 25, accused of murder and terrorism after MP, 69, was stabbed to death by surgery.

Source link Sir David Ames suspects Ali Harbi Ali, 25, accused of murder and terrorism after MP, 69, was stabbed to death by surgery.

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