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Sites “deported” by caravan owners protest Staumont

Caravan owners at various sites in Northern Ireland have protested at Staumont to highlight the ongoing issues they claim to be facing on the site.

Owners claim to have faced higher site fees and requests from owners to upgrade their caravans or leave the site.

Belfast Live recently reported that many caravan owners believe they have “evacuated” caravan sites that their families have used for decades.

Others have stated that the park owner has changed the rent for the site and has put him in a position to leave the holiday park.

With a caravan Community department States to begin reviewing the caravan law by the end of this year.

North Antrim MLA Gym Alistair He has received numerous complaints from caravan owners in the past few weeks, saying that some owners believe they are “unfairly exploited by some caravan parks.”

On Monday, Alistair submitted a petition sung by 3,768 people seeking justice for caravan owners.

Deal with Staumont Parliament On this issue, he states: “This petition, signed by 3,768 people, represents a family in Northern Ireland who is seriously dissatisfied with the treatment of some caravan park owners.

“Some of the complaints are the fact that there is no guarantee of ownership at the caravan park. They licensed from one year to the next, as it happened at the end of the year in one park this year. In addition, it is vulnerable to exorbitant demands for pitch price increases.% Increase. This is unconscionable and unacceptable. The first thing caravan owners need on their site is ownership. Right security. It is absolutely essential.

Caravan owners met with MLA from various political parties, including TUV leader Jim Allister.

“Also, new rules have been introduced without consultation with caravan owners, arbitrary restrictions have been placed on the age of caravans that can be maintained on the site, and park owners are forced to buy new caravans, to whom. Restrictions have been added. Otherwise, you can purchase from.

“Then there was an attempt to monopolize ancillary services — again, sometimes at exorbitant speeds. For example, many who want to install a deck in a caravan are the staff and contractors of the park owners. It is said that only decks can be installed, so you may be charged a high price.

“One of the hearts of injustice is that caravan park owners refuse to recognize and coordinate their associations. We have reviewed the 2011 Caravan Act (Northern Ireland). Is in the stage of being

“This is because the caravan claimants provide protection for the safety and over-treatment of their tenure and they are sustainable and fair.”

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Sites "deported" by caravan owners protest Staumont

Source link Sites "deported" by caravan owners protest Staumont

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