Six Best Cardio Exercises for Beginners

Ever looked at the mirror and wished to get back to your exercise routines? Has the pandemic made gyming difficult? With food delivery a click away, the majority of us have procrastinated a lot, so we pay the consequences.

While life has undoubtedly become more effortless, one must remember that health is wealth and work towards maintaining a picture of health. It is for this cause we have come out with an article that will keep you at your feet. This article ensures everyone experienced or not, without any equipment, can perform these cardio exercises. Apart from these, with, you can access many other workouts such as Pilates, yoga, etc. So stop with your excuses, grab yourself some willpower, and get moving!

6 Best Cardio Exercise for Beginners

1.Jumping Jacks
This is an excellent warm-up activity that will get your heart racing and your entire body moving. By jumping higher or faster, you can adjust the difficulty of this exercise. This is one exercise that most people are familiar with, but I have noted down the steps below to refresh your memory.

  1. High knees

This aerobic exercise entails running at the same place. Thus, it requires minimal space and can be performed anywhere, with little room.

For this exercise:

You can amplify the workout by increasing your speed.


The basic lunge is an effective workout for strengthening your legs and increasing your heart rate. This is how you do it:

There are a variety of lunge exercises like the reverse-lunge front kick, screamer lunges, etc., and they are all recommended for beginners.

4.Standing oblique crunch

This low-impact cardio exercise is perfect for beginners. It ensures you engage with the core muscles on both sides when you lift your knees.

5.Crab walk

The crab walk is a fun warm-up exercise. It works at strengthening your upper arms while simultaneously working on your legs, back, and core.


A squat is an exercise where you lower your hips from a standing posture to a sitting before rising. Squatting is an exercise that helps in strengthening your muscles.

You can make this exercise more challenging by leaping up quickly from each squat and allowing your feet to rise off the floor.


While this may not be the ultimate guide for exercises, it comprises six workouts that can be easily performed by anyone, anywhere, while avoiding the rookie mistake.


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